One Piece Unlimited World Red Battle Coliseum DLC Videos & Secret Characters (3DS Version)


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  • Kiera

    Loading the Update now and buy the Ps3 Version today after Work, can’t wait 🙂

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    Aweosme! this confirms what I wanted to know: The 3DS Version doesn’t stay bend the console versions!

  • British_Otaku

    Seems even you were too excited to post up content without going through unlocking it.
    I’m a little behind you, but I’ve been writing about the modes that the game offers and how I think characters play in this thread:

    Boss Rush is a thing, but I’ll add that in later. I put some detail into how characters are unlocked as well.

    It would be cool, if someone here made a concise video or post about this.
    People still expect a 2 player versus mode and will be disappointed as far as I can see.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope not the case. I know about the modes already I just didn’t really feel I needed to go to detail. I mostly wanted to beat the story and anything else was extra. There’s no 2 player mode (at least not a vs anyway) from what I’ve seen.

      • British_Otaku

        I’m sure you know, you have the game are played all the way up to Rank A.
        I just mean that the information in that GameFAQs thread is easier to digest and potentially more valuable than this blog and all of those videos.

        How are characters unlocked?
        How do ranks work?
        Is there a 2P Versus mode like Saiyan Island told me? – This is the common one.
        How does _____ play?
        Can you explore Dressrosa like Trans Town?

        I’m not too surprised about the 2 player vs, Bandai Namco said such on one of their videos and this seems akin to One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP’s additions, welcome with but brief and inconsistent presentation. Amusingly enough, SP also had no multiplayer despite the original Wii games having it too. >_>

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Not sure if the first part was supposed to be an insult or not

          As for the questions a lot of them are answered from the video except for maybe unlocking characters which you need to fufil certain requirements to unlock but I can’t read Japanese so.

          I’m almost positive saiyanisland had a typo. I think this game has co-op but no vs battles. Again its in Japanese but I explored most if not all the menus and options.

          • British_Otaku

            I’m strange like that on occasion. Even though I have a lot of respect of people (and stated such in my thread before I read this and saw your videos) who can produce videos of these games, especially anything approaching a full playthrough of niche releases fast for an English speaking audience, here any person who wants to grasp what this update offers in full may think they have to watch 42 minutes + 36 minutes + 32 minutes + 35 minutes + 25 minutes + 22 minutes of video.

            It wouldn’t be too much to write a profile on all of the modes for clarification or at least put some text or separate things into bite-sized pieces so you can see the character roster, all of their movesets, an example of a boss fight and such… You know the more I write this I’m realising that my problem is more with the article than your videos (if you write this, you can still take notes maybe – still note that playthroughs don’t appeal to some folk as much as seeing the systems that the game presents).

            My Japanese is probably only slightly better than yours, so my guide is stunted by that, even with that I’m sure that there is no vs battles. That isn’t the point as much as the only place where anyone can find this out are Bandai Namco commenting on Youtube videos or two importers replying to each other in the comments of an article supposed to explain what is on offer even if it is mostly character focused.

            It is definitely Saiyan Island’s mistake, but ideally we should have corrected it and made an effort to reach more people (they reach tons more people than me obviously).

            In short, just make more informative videos if you can. It doesn’t need you speaking during them, but they will be appreciated and lead to a more informed community.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              You’re right, I guess this was a little lazy but I honestly didn’t expect as many to care about the details for certain things but I need to keep that in mind for next time when I do these things. I can probably make a separate article later today explaining what I know so far with images to go alongside it.

  • Lifestreamer

    If there is something that I like in this game is: the enemy actually attacks you! Thanks for the videos, I would still love to see some of the other coliseum only playable but I’m already grateful for what I got to see, soon enough I will be playing in my ps3 anyway.