One Piece Unlimited World Red Translations: Coliseum Modes Explained

One Piece Unlimited World Red Translations: Coliseum Modes Explained


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  • handeu haime

    so duel mode isnt really versus mode? you cant choose who you want to fight right? tks tks …

    • TheGameTagerZ

      There’s no vs mode

    • British_Otaku

      You can choose who you want to fight actually and you can choose from every boss in the game, though you have no choice in the stage where you fight.

      If you go to the Duel Mode menu and choose a character, the third option will be asking you to choose who you want to fight (the first is to confirm that you don’t care who you fight and like your chosen character and the second is no to both of the previous).

      You can choose to face every single boss in the game under three difficulty levels, including the Fire, Ice and Lightning Dragons, Franky Shogun and such though picking certain characters excludes you from facing others like the typical and annoying “You can’t pick Luffy and fight Luffy” or cases where bosses can’t fight you as your model or moveset isn’t very compatible with fighting them (Whitebeard can’t fight Lucci, perhaps as one of Lucci’s specials wouldn’t work against it – in fact, Lucci’s attacks all hinge pretty heavily on the environment he fights in to the point he isn’t playable – not that they didn’t strip down other characters like Akainu to make them okay for other modes).

      I think you can’t choose who you fight from the start (I noticed Easy, Normal, Hard difficulties when I reached A Rank/League), but I don’t feel like starting a new save to check. It doesn’t take too long to finish the thing, all of the unlocks aside. It isn’t just characters but also some additional boss quests which let you have these characters in other environments, not just stuck in fights in the same rings.