Naruto Storm Revolution – Comes with Mecha-Naruto Card, New Statue to Debut at SDCC


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  • Cev256

    I’m going to comic-con so if you guys want an pictures of the statues let me know.

    • San Diego Comic Con?

      • Cev256

        Yeah San Diego Comic-con, I live in San Diego and I go every year.

  • Skorm94

    that is the only statue I really wouldn’t mind getting, too bad it looks to be comic-con exclusive

  • Emilight
  • Generations came with Haku and Zabuza cards? Mine came with Part 1 Naruto and Sasuke cards. I guess that may be due to the fact that I bought it at Walmart.
    The Mecha-Naruto card will probably have the same fate as my Naruto & Sasuke and Goku Naruto cards. I’ll keep it in the game case.