Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Unmasked Obito Scan Translation

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Unmasked Obito Scan Translation


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  • Oscar Yeung

    Thanks for the translations like always!

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth


  • Bdock3601

    mystery made clear

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    been waiting for this

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Does the Pre-Order have the JSAT anime itself, or items related to the anime? Because that image looks like in-game graphics.

    • I think what they do is they remake the special with the Storm Engine.

  • Roy Correll

    HOORAY! Translation! Thanks so much! Made it so much better.

    PS, nice font colors too.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thanks. Ryuujtk is a really good typesetter.

    • You`re welcome (for the translations!) lol

  • JusttSaiyann

    Control the juubi? Damn lmao. Also thanks for the translation

  • STigersPrank

    Wow so hopefully we will get additionally another obito 😀 you know which one im referring to 😉 and thanks alot for the translation os that the revolution? They mentioned like he brings the storm into the ninja world…

    • Bdock3601

      yeah i know what you mean

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Well at this point they have to if they want a character that creates that last boost of hype.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Plus this Obito’s awakening has been revealed as the Juubi.

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    thanks for the translation 🙂

  • Random dude

    Nicely done guys! Can’t wait for naruto revolution!!! :3

  • Bdock3601

    perhaps they overuse exclamation points a bit

    • Yeah Japanese magazines love exclamation marks, it`S like writing in Bold to explain something is awesome! lol

  • Guest

    The item Itachi makes is just a Fried egg, lol.
    I don`t want to spoil how he makes it, and how it turns out though (because it is funny).

  • Itachi makes a Fried Egg… yep that’s it (I won`t spoil the way he makes it or how it turns out though lol!)

    • Bdock3601

      But how do you know?

      • TheGameTagerZ

        He lives in Japan and hes one of our translators.

      • Because its old news lol. The animation its from is around a year old.

    • Oscar Yeung

      Does he cook it with Amaterasu?

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    I just found this on the Naruto Wiki.. not sure if we have had a scan of it or not, if we did, sorry for bringing it up again.. but I went into the characters in the Naruto Wiki for Storm Revolutions and found this ->
    Minato Namikaze (Reincarnated, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode) (Hokage Cloak, Flak Jacket)

    • Mathew Gibbons

      That’s from the leaked box art.

  • Can some1 tell me how people get these scans so quickly ? And also that book that gives Anime/manga Games news?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We have someone from Japan who sends us the scans. I assume that applies to AnimeNewsNetwork and other places. There’s a guy on twitter named Kazu who is from Japan and takes screenshots while days later we post the high quality ones.

      Saiyanisland just takes images from their original sources, never links back and then slaps a watermark on them.

  • Abdennasser Bensalem

    no rukudo obito fuck it cc2 u never make things right …

    • funnymitchell

      edit: nevermind not gonna start this with people again -_-