Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Shows Off The New Characters and Scouter Feature in These Screenshots


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  • Edwin

    Trunks looks badass and the new guy can use the Kamehameha.

    • DeathPointZ

      And he can use the Special Beam Cannon.


    • it not super saiyan god like omg look at his eyes

      • if he a super saiyan god his eye would of been red

        • DeathPointZ

          Do you think the game will give us options to change our pupils to like what Trunks has? Then change the color to red and there you go, now you can make your own Super Saiyan God.

    • Bdock3601


  • UchihaName

    I have a thought.

    Maybe that new guy is to stop the Z-warriors from using the dragonballs? Remember GT and the effect it had? Of course it wasn’t canon but neither is this game. Also from the screeshots it looks like he is interrupting the battle before the warrior almost died originally.

    • jack

      no dragon ball game is canon they never have ben

  • 2v2..

  • Ecchi-Sama

    Gohan from the Future just like Trunks?

    • jack

      that’s not gohan you do know gohan his black hair not red and you do know gohan don’t need scoter

      • Ecchi-Sama

        I know but he looks like Gohan lol :p