Naruto Storm Revolution – New Obito & Juubi Screenshots


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  • First comment. I arrived here at the exact time it uploaded.

  • It’s going to be boss playing as the juubi.

    • Titian awakening

    • byron123

      That would actually be cool because it would mean that it has boss fights.

    • Bdock3601


  • cool guys still the first!!

  • Emilight

    That’s not all

    • Minato Namikaze

      almost all

  • Minato Namikaze

    thanks shonengamez team
    alot faster then saiyanisland ^^

  • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

    da jewbz

    • Minato Namikaze

      that’s from Nardo shippuden z isn’t it?

      • Get out.

        • Minato Namikaze


          • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

            LOL Yeah.

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    Your missing some. Saiyan Island has some cool screenshots of Obito using the Wood Style.

  • Kurama (BeyondManga)

    Can’t wait to play with unmasked Obito

  • Bdock3601

    Good stuff

  • Turns out saiyanisland has more pics though, so in the end saiyanisland still reigns.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I find it funny how everyone turned this into a competition.