Naruto Storm Revolution – All Demo Team Ougis, Awakenings & Team Secret Factors

  • Boruto Uzumaki “Bolt”

    Hey when is demo releasing in us?

    • HystericalGameZ


      • Boruto Uzumaki “Bolt”

        Thx hey i heard madara wasnt in s3 demo coding does that mean storm revolution has something similar like a suprise?

        • Bdock3601


      • Cev256

        scratch that it ain’t coming today

  • Aoi

    Ok. Seriously. Most of the scans we’ve gotten from saiyanisland or shonengamez we’ve already seen. We don’t even have gameplay videos for any NEW characters. But, 2 months too go and expo and trailer tomorrow I think. So we’ll see.

  • what.

    Is it possible to do local multiplayer in the demo?

  • obamcarehero

    Your missing the secret factor mecha naruto does to naruto

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Noticed thanks.

  • UnholyZephyr