Naruto Storm Revolution – DLC / Extra Costume Character List


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  • Silver


    • I’m literally waiting on it.

      • Baryll

        “Thanks to *made up psn user #1* *made up user #2* *made up psn user #3* for the exciting new info, as we take their info with out even asking but put a sentence as a little gift, woohoo!”

  • lego

    on the files can’t find the awakening and the normal ultimate from each charachter?

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    And I thought there would be no Matrix…

  • Is there any way to see what these costumes or dlc are?

    • PussySlayer42069

      Ashura howd u get here?

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    looks like lots and lots of dlc this time

  • Mathew Gibbons

    Any word on if the Storm 3 DLC is still in the game?

    • From one of the new Revolution screenshots it shows Storm 3 DLC costume Madara (Before Death) and there’s word from Dei that Storm 3 DLC is returning, don’t know which one’s though, Kage Hats and ANBU costumes were mentioned though. And since there’s a Statue of Naruto (Armor) with the Samurai Edition, it’s safe to assume that costume will be returning too.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Hopefully the Road to Ninja costumes are back too.

      • I hope the school outfits return. I really like Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke’s.

  • When I saw that all Jinchuuriki had 1 new costume apart from the couple like Naruto and Gaara. We’re definitely getting the title picture costumes as DLC! Can’t wait for it.

    Though question, are the extra costumes put into the numbers, those from Storm 3 aswell? Because Gaara’s could easily be Kage Summit and Kage hat again. Just want a confirmation on this.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      I’d say that these are only of new DLC since there’s not as many for the characters with existing costumes, past DLC might be listed as unlockable costume slots activated by Storm 3 save data (like how Hokage Naruto is unlocked through Storm 2 save data).

      • Imagine both Hokage cloaks in this game. Original Hokage cloak design and his Road to Ninja one. I’d love that.

  • Are these numbers the number of outfits available, or the number of extra outfits?

  • Nicholas Branch

    They lost my business
    No kisame dlc. It pathetic. His fan base is massive

  • Shmurda ShmoneyBoy

    how much are the single costume dlc