Naruto Storm Revolution Files Show New Characters and Hidden Information


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  • Bdock3601


  • Reuben Malone

    The demo is not avalible, where did you get the files?

    • Hentailover

      Xbox Demo is available

      • Bdock3601


  • Darn. Man.. Im disappointed a bit. Maybe their working on storm 4 or maybe next gen naruto. I still got some hope. Dnt disappoint us cc2!

  • Vendetta

    Hey, there is any possibility that the files are incomplete?

    • TheGuraGuraman

      It’s 99% sure actually, since ther are less arenas than Storm 3. And I just can’t see Juubito not being here, he will obviously be presented like Madara was for S3.

      • randy191993

        Yeah and don’t forget: All of these playable chars have been confirmed already. They would never do that with over 2 months still to go. They will reveal the last char one or two weeks before the release and not before that. Same as with the S3 Madara

    • randy191993

      It’s almost certain yes.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


  • Its just hard for me to believe this. , i believe Shonengamez but the files something must be missing. Plus they are not done two months left.

    • lego

      the only missing character there is juubito,I can coun 117 characters on the list already.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    Combo Ultimates are Team Ultimates? That´s strange.
    I hope they give us an option to buy all, I spent 1 hour buying cards and titles 1 by 1 in S3.

  • Baryll

    I’m curious about the lack of 4 player battle info.

  • What about costumes? Are there any special costumes other than the rival swaps and samurai outfits?

  • lego

    117 characters,the game is suppused to have over 118 still lacking some characters there.I hope the lacking character is juubito

  • lego

    juubito may be obito instant awakening.and i’m pretty sure that the list is imcomplete I can only count 117 characters

  • lego

    where is naruto and konohomaru team ultimate?

    • randy191993

      there is none. It has always been a 3 way ultimate with iruka

      • lego

        actually there is one naruto wikia it says that there is one naruto and konohomaru only.

  • HyugaName


  • Bibbyo

    Thank god we get a ton of team ultimate jutsu’s so far. I’m going to drool over the hashirama/tobirama/hiruzen team ultimate jutsu! Also I do have hope for more new characters because these files aren’t even complete yet anyways and for the new characters it doesn’t even say Tobirama yet LOL.

  • Bibbyo

    I am hoping that the remaining new characters will be Hayate (believe or not he was behind naruto with zabuza in the trailer), Zetsu, Juubito, Ginkaku, and Kinkaku. The Gin/Kin bros can definitely be in I mean why not? They can easily have a team ultimate jutsu and great movesets with their weapons!

  • Random Guy

    Is the combo ultimate jutsu list legit or..?here i saw hashirama/tobirama/hiruzen and on sayian says only hashirama/tobirama.Also i see here more combo uj’s than there,hope this is true cause i always wanted neji/hinata and a b combo.And that naruto hinata,maybe it’ll be like in anime,hinata palms naruto to put his bone back xD

  • lego

    the list looks real,since with the new trailer the hashirama and madara team ultimate it was confirmed,but I still thinking that this is not the complete list,since the game still having 2 mounths till the final release.

  • BishWhet_

    i feel as if….they’re hiding something big from us and will pull it out last minute.

  • Scott Baker

    get a life its a game cant you just wait for it to come out with out trying do shit troouble with people these days you cant just wait and stuff have to try and find everything out things you know they wont release there hidden for a reason its asses like you that ruine new games

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Don’t read the article then?

      Unplug your modem and stay away from the internet. We weren’t the only ones who did this. Other people were searching the data as well.

      • Scott Baker

        first of i didn’t read the Article it was on my friends Facebook so i deiced to voice my opinion based of the title. 2 unplug my modem and stay away from the internet ha. you think the internet consist on you how funny, other people may have been searching for the data as well but im sure there are other people that agree with me but cant be arsed to voice it i how ever can be..

        if you have a issue with my voicing my opinion that i so hearty have the right to do. as you do of posting these articals then by all means stop me or better yet take your own advice and unplug your modem grab the wires stand out side and hope lighting hits you. other then that. any way you reply to me or try and ban or remove my freedom of speech and view that i am the bigger man and correct

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Well either way there are people posting this news all over. Either from us or other people who didn’t themselves which honestly it’s not hard at all to dig through a demo.

          I hope you’re done venting here. I seriously can’t believe we’re having this discussion right now when this news has been common knowledge on the internet for almost two weeks. On Saiyanisland, on gamefaqs just to name a few.

  • cack

    there is a taem ougi between Sasuke and Tobi on the naruto wikia it is that true?