Naruto Storm Revolution – Full Roster Revealed

Naruto Storm Revolution – Full Roster Revealed


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  • . No!!!!! Why! disappointment everywere !

  • Di

    I don’t think I’m getting this game. Huge disappointment. There is only one new good character and that is shisui. All other new characters are shit konohamaru iruka kushina etc. **** this.

    • lego

      there is edo hokages,the edo kages,updated madara,unmasked obito and is Not the final list yet.

      • Obito

        This is the final list actually. Sadly as well

  • Di

    by new I mean new as in new character.

  • This game. Got me hyped 4 no reason .

  • Vendetta

    No Juubito =(

    • Haru Onodera


      • lego

        which part of is not the final list you didn’t get it?

        • Thousand Foot Krutch

          DLC can add characters. Sage mode Kabuto in storm 3 wasn’t always a character but it got added so how about you stop being such a jerk

  • Lucas Alexandre

    161 characters and supports, nice.

  • Di

    THE ONLY NEW CHARACTER IS SHISUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laix


  • Guest

    This is faked. -__-

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope it’s not we don’t post fake news.

      • i see tayuya…is she playable??

        • Mathew Gibbons

          Support only.

        • TheGameTagerZ


  • roockie112

    didn’t they say the sound 4 wasn’t in the game ?

    • Bdock3601

      They’re support only

    • Mathew Gibbons

      They said they’re not playable.

      • roockie112

        Yeah I know thanks for the late news.

        • Captain Sumoka

          You ungrateful piece of scum!

          • roockie112

            as you can see dumb ass Somone already replied to me telling me they are support only so that makes it a late news kiddo

            • Captain Sumoka

              Ya but you don’t have to be so rude to him.

  • Man.. Im bothered about the roster

    • Why

      • Bibbyo

        Of course your satisfied with seeing a lame roster. I don’t even believe this is the final version. Imma laugh my ass off when I see 5 more characters like ginkaku and kinkaku and they can add them late they added iruka who was suppose to be in storm 1.

    • Minato Namikaze

      can you please tell me why you get banned ? so i can prove it to SI

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Can you please end this conversation thank you

        • Were sorry for taking up your comments with this.

          • Minato Namikaze


        • Minato Namikaze

          there is nothing more to add…

    • Minato Namikaze

      and who banned you

  • Michael

    I hope this is a joke, that’s way too many copies of the same character, terrible roster.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Most are just icons for different costumes which already exist.

    • Most of those are just costume portraits, not separate slots.

      • Kingdom17

        Yes, but also some have different jutsu.

        • Thousand Foot Krutch

          there are only 39 new people (Counting the new kakashi)

          • Quinn Noble

            only 16 new characters

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I saw your last comment but they really did steal it. We dug through the demo and made the image you see right now and they took it without crediting us for digging through the demo and making the image.

              I’m not sure if you’re a troll (because it’s working) or if you’re simply that dense.


              • Guest

                “We”? The image was created by Dei wasn’t it? Saiyanisland even credited him, and if he isn’t complaining to saiyanisland, it shouldn’t matter right?

                Are you sure Dei didn’t just give them the image as well? Their image is a higher resolution than on here.

                Sorry, but I just don’t see all the fuss in this. They credited the person who made it so..

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  No. Dei was digging through the files with us. WE made the character chart you see above.

                  Saiyanisland likes to take pictures and make them bigger even if the image is very low quality. I would know because when I used to write for them I had to do that to the LQ Naruto Storm scans.

                  They credited someone who helped us with other things but not this specifically.

                  This is nothing new, they used to steal from us all the time even our scan translations when we first started the website. They aren’t going to credit certain websites because they don’t want to give them traffic.

                  As former Saiyanisland writers, we know more about what happens behind the scenes than you guys do. So this is one of those take our word for it situations or ignore it.

                  • Dei

                    It’s no problem. So long as someone is credited, it’s fine. Though it’s probably better if I watermark the images next time. But that’s against your policy, so do as you must to stop plagiarism.

  • Aceshock

    I dunno. I don’t really like the fact that so many are support and most will just be ripped out of Storm 3. This feels like another .5 like Generations. I’m also confused why CC2 is sticking with PTS characters when people keep asking for more solid, sensible ones. The only PTS I would argue for would be the Sound 4 because of their importance. It’d be kinda cool to see a young Madara and Hashi. Or, more importantly, and updated Tobirama with FTG.

    • Juan Ray González

      so you’re saying the Sound 4 are way more relevant than the ninja genins of the leaf village… SMH

      • Aceshock

        Yes, in terms of who deserves character slots. We already have the Genin. We’ve had them for the past two games. The Sound 4 have yet to play playable in a single Storm game, despite the fans wanting them in. I’d give up playing as kid Kiba and Shino to play as Kidomaru and Sakon, same as the others. I’d give up Konohamaru and Iruka as well, but it seems some people in a far away land wanted them and they got top priority over Sound 4.

  • Sasori Nagashi

    Either this is fake or CC2 lied when they said no Sound 4.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They said they won’t be playable. They never said anything on support.

      • Sasori Nagashi

        Psssssh that’s cheating though. Lol

      • Thousand Foot Krutch

        By any chance do you know if Shizune is playable or support

  • Leland South

    I don’t believe this to be the final roster. PTS characters returning h*** no

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Hey at least it’s all of them this time. Having PTS characters isn’t a bad thing, having a half assed handful of them like in Storm 3.

  • randy191993

    I’m sure those are not all. There is nothing new we didn’t know yet. They always had a few chars in the backhand for the last week or two before the game released. We didn’t have Madara in Storm 3’s demo either.

  • Dondake

    Why the hell are there 4 different Shikamaru’s and Kankuro’s?

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      for kankuro 1 pts 1 beginning of shippuden 1 kage summit arc and 1 war arc for shikamaru pts,, chunin pts, shippuden, and war

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Costume slots.

  • aakunji3122

    When can we see a breakdown of the Roster? Because it looks like a lot of clones unless they’ll add whatever power-up they get in the Manga.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Just noticed today saiyanisland stole the image we made as well as the information we found and credited imaginary sources and supposedly they are “journalists”

    • saiyanisland is shit

    • UchihaName

      Didn’t you use to help them with translations and things like that?
      Why’d you stop?

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Long story (and I mean it it’s a very very long story) but the short version is me and Hysterical got blamed for “stealing and watermarking” because after we translated Saiyan (owner of the website) told us we have to add watermarks to the images or else she will do it herself.

        That and a lot of other bs went on behind the scenes that was one of many honestly. All we did was give her more hits and she gave us nothing in return for helping at all.

        • UchihaName

          I figured it was something like that because i noticed that you and Hysterical never came back at a certain point… i have noticed SI gets the information they get, from other people… and i figured you two weren’t happy with SI or something.

          Well, you guys got an awesome website now though! Hopefully it all worked out 🙂

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Thanks a lot. The website will change soon next weekish though and we will finally have a forum.

            • Sounds nice, can’t wait for the change. Good luck!

    • Saiyanisland has no shame. They steal a lot and claim they “found” it.

    • Nomore_lies

      sorry for the absurd amount of swearing but this is an outrage I pre-ordered this thinking we would have a true rooster but this is a bunch of look a likes id rather have ultimate ninja 1-3 REMAKES THAN THS.

    • So? It’s not like you had it copyrighted or anything. Big woop.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        As a news source you dont steal other people’s work copyrighted or not. By your logic if an interview isn’t copyrighted who cares if its stolen by somebody and not credited right?

        • It’s something people would still like to know and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            If you’re seeing this as “who cares if they copypasted/stolen it as long as I get to read it somewhere” then this conversation ends here because you’re giving me a rather selfish point of view.

            If I conduct an interview with Hiroshi and I got some interesting details out of it and another website copy and paste it without giving the website credit then it is not only wrong but it can be reported for plagiarism.

            If its a piece of news we discovered via digging through a demo for example and they credit imaginary people then the efforts all went to waste. Would you like to work on something for hours to only not be credited?

    • The Lost Rogue

      I read that it was against policy to watermark, but I would seriously consider it.
      They will not stop.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Against policy?

        Mind explaining what you mean?

  • Bibbyo

    This may just be the characters faces on file so far… They can easily put those copies into one slot and also this does look unfinished. There should be at least 4 more new characters left. I bet they will be Zetsu, Hayate (was standing beside zabuza in trailer), Ginkaku and Kinkaku. Juubtio can be obito’s true awakening.

    • Obito

      10 tails summoning is Obito’s true Awakening. I was hoping for Juubito as well but hey make more op characters

    • Juubito isn’t a form Obito can go into at will, it’s not like Chakra Mode Naruto where he can turn it on and off, whoever is the 10 Tails Jinchuriki transforms into a state like that, similar to how Naruto has the whisker thingies, people like Kushina and Mito suppressed the presence of the Ninetails’ chakra with their immense energy. Either way, It infuriates me that Shisui was made playable, AND NOT YAHIKO. We have a story on the creation of the modern Akatsuki, how could we NOT get Yahiko? We have Hanzo and Mifune, so we rightfully deserve Yahiko, that and a Akatsuki-Origin outfits for Nagato and Konan.

  • Bibbyo

    I do hope they change Chojuro, Anko, and Kurenai to playable characters in a few weeks.

  • RandomGuy

    How lazy can you get, not adding the sound 4 as playable. Their battles were crucial for choji and the others. Yet they add naruto’s useless mom and iruka?? Dont add the kids if you wont add ALL the major villians they fought.

  • KonohamaruKun_99

    I just support only was never a thing to begin with. It’s always the COOLEST characters that you can’t play as…

    • Thousand Foot Krutch

      I agree that some characters should be playable as but others you don’t know enough about to use as characters but the sound 4 Shizune, Anko all of them have been playable at least once. They could use the same moves from Ultimate ninja 3. (PS2)

  • KyoyaHibari

    Thank god they brought back the other PTS characters. I assume Anko and Shizune are support only still?

    • Yeah, Sound 4, Anko, Kurenai and Shizune are all support-only. Says so on the file codes.

      • Lemon

        Any chance this inclusion of those supports will make the previous ones playable? Or partially at least..having like…10 support only characters? Laaaaaame. Even so I’d take those as playable instead of the existing support only though.

  • YES! I get to play as Part 1 Temari and Ino again! Missed those guys, actually glad the Part 1’s made a return. Gives me alot of nostalgia and I like that.

  • So, Juubito is pretty much DLC now.
    Were there any files for more costumes, other than Naruto and Sasuke cosplaying each other and the Samurai DLC?
    It would be awesome if Kid Obito had his long-haired and Spiral Zetsu outfits.

  • tailur

    It’s fake. The sound five were confirmed to not be in it.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They were confirmed not playable. They never said anything about support.

      Like I said before we don’t post fake news. Feel free to dig into the demo yourself and you’ll find the same images.

  • dj_alx

    Deidara,Sasori and Hidan will be with akatsuki costume??

  • dj_alx

    deidara, sasori and hidan will be with akatsuki costume??(pls answer)

  • i am tired of naruto storm

    5 narutos , 6 sasukes …. come on this fucking roster is full of copys and copy paste characters since storm 2 and you like this? come on bandai namco and ciber connect what is happening? why you give us the same and the same every time -___- , yes i know this game is going to have new characters like kushina , shusui , edo kages , etc ; but we continue with this copys , personaly i want the 4 sound that will be awesome instead of 5 narutos , 6 sasuke, 4 gaaras ,etc , but please do a great game without this copys in storm 4

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    I’m actually not too upset, hopefully when they come out with the next real game (Naruto Storm 4), they’ll have all the characters and movesets we want. Right now, I see this as a Naruto Storm Generations game when they are testing new things to see if people like it or not.. so lets all hope for the 7 swordsmen, Gin/Kinkaku, and everyone we want for Storm 4!! (P.S. I think Storm 4 might be the end of the series, since Naruto is getting really close to the end and all.. SO THEY REALLY NEED TO GIVE US WHAT WE WANTTTT!!!!)

  • TrannyMagic

    KURENAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8*D happy happy happy

  • Ikki Minami

    Is this confirmed to be the final roster (obviously things can change in 3 months) so far? Or do you think we will get more chars/secret chars?
    I ask cause it shows 161 characters in total while they said only 118 were to be in game which I guess when counting characters matches roughly that (I.e- naruto sage mode and KuramaUzumaki naruto would both count as one while sage naruto and pts naruto would count as 2 being completely different)

  • jadehandro .

    What about Sakura with Hyakugo?? she has it on the cover :/ maybe its her new awakening?

  • Nomore_lies

    fuck you cc2 this game is bull shit. 4 combos per character was bs enough but now the clones of characters and drive types suck ass, you have done an injustice to the real naruto fans that aren’t mindless drones. your next games I will not be buying

  • ShadedOscar

    wers the seven ninja swordsmen!!

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    tha sound four in dere why prolly as supports cuz they aint playable

  • Thousand Foot Krutch

    I was kind of hoping Rin would be a playable character. Also does anybody know if Shizune is playable or support

  • Thousand Foot Krutch

    Is Shizune playable or support. Also I was hoping Rin would be playable

  • sdfsdfasdfsdafdsafdsaf

    Where is the spiral zetsu obito? 🙁

  • vfdgfdg

    yeyey anko is a playable character

  • GuttEmUp

    The storm series has always done this. Giving the same character multiple slots just because they use different moves/jutsu sets. They did the same thing in storm 3. Naruto had 3 slots not including the younger generation slot. If you played the other storm games then you should have expected this.

  • Guest

    lol at the people that actually believes this fake roster.

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    All I have to say to the people complaining is YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY NARUTO SHIPPUDEN IF YOUR THAT UPSET WITH THE GAME!.

  • Nick Shrieves

    I don’t see why they couldn’t include the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist!?

    • Right? They give us characters like Mifune and Hanzo, and yet, characters like Yahiko, the seven Swordsmen etc. are left in the dust.

  • Rexchane Balachanthiran

    Wait so are these chars exactly confirmed?

  • Sover

    It cant be true whats with the Bijuu naruto he have the yellow icon where is it ?

    • Sover

      Oh sry I see him <.<
      But can anyone make a list who is only supp ? (100% true)

  • Dei

    People thinking this is fake… smh. Keep riding on false hope.

    • Kim Honey

      Thats no surprise, everyday people keep talking nonsene spreading fire of things that are not in the game like if they were in stone, those cowboys are going in a bad route

  • Hood

    What the hell is this? It’s the same damn characters with the same moveset….

  • Ofe

    Why do they have so many part 1 characters? That could be slots for the 7 ninja swordsman, yahiko, young Madara and young hashi, etc

    • Kim Honey

      Part 1 characters are from Storm 1 & generations (they removed them in storm 3 so they could fill up spaces in Revs to make a bigger roster})

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You know slots don’t always mean new characters right? Copy and pasting part 1 in takes no effort really. They already know what characters will be in before starting a project.

  • Marcus

    Any secret characters like there was with sage ode kabuto

  • Marcus


  • ?????

    Half of the characters are copies from storm 3 . BIG disappointment

  • Froppel

    Where’s Yahiko and Zetsu?!?!:(((

  • Drock199119

    So I’m guessing the seven ninja swordsman won’t be in this one either? I don’t see them here. If this is the legit roster list.

  • The aloe Vera exists

    Yey I’ve always wanted to play as tayuya and all them other badass hoes

    • Dei

      But they’re not playable. They’re support only.

  • The aloe Vera exists

    Lol sorry for language

  • Guest

    Y is there no kinkaku, ginkaku, or any other 7 ninja swordsmen? Basically no one new from anime/manga that was reanimated was added besides the 4 kage. That’s such crap!

  • Melons!?

    This includes support only characters right? Do you know what characters are only support? I hate getting my hopes up just to be crushed when the game releases

    • Dei

      All Gen supports are returning.

  • Nicholas Branch

    Yo! Where is Kisame pre Akatsuki?

  • Hana Asakura

    Where is Sakura’s Byakuya? Didn’t they show us her scan?

  • Nicholas Branch

    Are we ever getting Kisame pre akatski?

  • Alonzo Harris

    For those who I didn’t play on the demo. MSG me king_lonzo(xbox gamer tag) in I will play ya sucks that we’re not getting drunking kid lee tho that would be awesome

  • lee

    Im tired of all the genin! Everyone wants to play new characters, not ones that we had for years now…There is so many characters with 3 different versions of them

    • The Lost Rogue

      I actually Enjoy playing as the Genin. That being said, I would also like some new characters. Just saying.

  • OnlyGaara 神 INAKTIV

    That looks good for me *_*

  • Jared

    Where is Juubito?


    i wanna know whats cc2 plan for the next naruto game we all know naruto is ending this year but since in storm revolution the story mode was pretty mutch bullshit unlike storm 3, storm 3, had a fantastic story mode the only down side it was short,so there is still alot to make we need to start from where naruto fighted masked obito and continue from storm 3. mechanics need more updating like for example in storm revolution we didnt get to feel the excitement of clashing two hudge boss awakening , Perfect susano vs Hashirama 1000 armed kanon budha statue, or juubi,instead the other stays and watches and gets wrecked because he cant awaken ,so pls shonen gamez interview cc2 because storm revolution is a mess and it will be very sad if its the last naruto game

  • Tevs

    They need to give us the sound ninja 5

  • the mighty Retchetspute

    With all the different variations of characters I’m kind of surprised there’s no classic long haired sakura