Naruto Storm Revolution – American Release Date Revealed


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  • Marshall D. Teach

    Damn, You guys are working Lol. Hey thanks a lot for everything you’ve been doing for us, I really appreciate it.

  • Wow. 16th. That really just bothered me.

    • Kim Honey

      Not to me, i can now save more money for a new xbox control 😀
      and buy the game-same day

  • cack

    i GOT trolled by naruto wikia there it says that the game will came out at 8 september.

  • Reuben Malone

    Bamco, you little bitches.

  • Seems the US is getting a Storm game last this time :0!

  • Steed

    I wanna buy this, but i’m scared that i’m gonna buy another 60 dollar copy and paste game.

    • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

      Don’t worry, it’s a 50 dollar copy and paste game.

  • I bet Mecha-Naruto’s story is all a dream of Hinata’s. That explains why he and the real Naruto seem to be fighting over her in one of the screenshots. Kind of random to post, but yeah.