Naruto Storm Revolution – Detailed DLC List [UPDATED]


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  • Mathew Gibbons

    Interesting themes. Taka are a long overdue costume change and very welcome and I’ll admit I’m looking forward to Reservoir Ninjas. Disappointed there’s no Road to Ninja Ino though.

    • DesiGamer2005

      Agreed. RTN was my most favorite costume set, for Sasuke especially. Also saddened that battle-damaged Pain is gone as well as shirtless Sasuke (post-Awakening expiration). Those things were the little details that I loved. Hope they see a return along with all the other things we wish weren’t lost, as long as it doesn’t hinder the game in any way.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        The loss of the Road to Ninja costumes was my main motivation for getting the PC version. I figured someone would program mods that added them. So far though most mods have just been recolours and leaks of upcoming DLC.

  • Reuben Malone

    End of reanimation? You mean, when he had rinne ribirth used on him?!

    • Yep!

      • Uchiha Flame

        woah! so we might see Juubi *spoiler*
        obito! or like madara with exploded eye and original rinnegan of his?!!
        Holy Fu-

  • OceanusGod

    All these white robes for the Jinchurikis maybe these, or am I wrong ?

    • Mathew Gibbons

      No doubt about it.

      • OceanusGod

        Great, those are kinda looks cool.

    • Correct.

  • What is End of Reanimation? Shirtless Hashi-nips Madara?

  • Cant wait for these costumes! I want shirtless madara tho

  • ALSO HIDDEN MIST COSTUME FOR ZABUZA? I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THAT FOR AGES!!! YES!!! Also we need Mr. Poofy Pyjama Pants Zabuza. When he first encountered Kakashi in Part 1. The part where they first got off boat the Rower was in.

  • OtoAn

    I can’t win a single match in revolutions. Why did they have to take out guard in the air, and guard while moving?

    • cack

      you will get used to it.

    • Bagless

      They didn’t

  • On the other DLC post, didn’t Sasori and Kakuzu have *. I sure hope its Kakuzu (Reanimation) and Sasori (Reanimation) with Third Kazekage puppet moveset. Then again it might be suits or something similar again.

    Edit: nevermind. Kakuzu never had one. Young Kakashi does though. Can’t wait.

    • Kim Honey

      I just want to have sasori in edo clothes, i never use him, but when i pick Edo deidara i want to have Sasori behind him in edo form.. not just edo nagato and itachi… also Konan needs a custome too 🙁

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Same. Edo Sasori, Edo Kakuzu, early Akatsuki Konan, early Akatsuki Nagato and pre-Akatsuki Kisame are all costumes I’d love to see added to this series.

        • I’d really like to see Yahiko playable I mean.. start of the Akatsuki should’ve included him anyway.

          • Mathew Gibbons

            I agree. We need Yahiko and Zetsu to complete Akatsuki.

            • And not to drag more haters. We need Rin to complete Team Minato.

              • Mathew Gibbons

                True. I think people need to be more accepting of characters who haven’t had many (or any) fights in the series, having them in a game like this allows us to create our own fights for these characters. I really want Omoi and Karui at some point in the future.

                • Only When Vince McMahon Dies

                  Sound Ninja 4? Only Kimimaro feels empty

    • Young Kakashi has an alternate? That’ll be interesting.
      I can only think of a few alternates he could have:
      1. Scarred eye/Sharingan variation
      2. Pre-Anbu Kakashi
      3. Younger Kakashi (in the Obito flashbacks)
      4. That’s about it. I need to brush up on those chapters/episodes/

  • Morgiana

    very nice

  • roockie112

    does this mean I get to see Jugo in his cloak ?

    • He finally changed his pajamas

      • roockie112

        Deffinetly it was getting old and wack

        • Bdock3601


  • Whoa, these costumes are amazing! Hokage Hiruzen/Hashirama, Cloakless Itachi, Juugo finally change his Pajamas, and Pajamas Naruto from Storm 1 returns? These are costumes I’ve always wanted! And Zabuza FINALLY gets his Hidden Mist costume? I’m sold. Would’ve bought the game either way, but now I’m even more sold.
    Now all we need are the costumes from the PS2 games. Rock Lee outfit Naruto, Byakugan Hinata, etc.

  • Bdock3601


  • roockie112

    Now I want this game badly lol…By the way It would be awesome if they added the costumes from the Dragon Blade Chronicles

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    That “Less Overwear Pack” is going to be sweet. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Shut up & take my damn money!”

  • Guest


    • Ppnjelly

      nope, all they did was make him alive
      infact this is literally copy and paste, since they already made this as dlc

      • René Davidoschnaps

        I guess it´s rather the alive version for the new Madara, i wish they´d also do this for Hashirama´s Sage Mode.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


  • Mikaela

    Shikamaru and Gaara look so awesome in those suits. I’m hyped for the less overwear and taka pack too. 🙂

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    is this foreal? if so finally them with tha akatsuki cloak dang

  • Need Deidara apart of less other wear. And Hidan and Kakuzu with cloaks.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Also Edo Tensei Sasori and Kakuzu.

  • Saeko Busujima

    Madara: ahhh, my Uchiha robe… its going to look sick on me and with my Gunbai on my back. Swag


      Yes you will

  • tylerc23

    These outfits are a dream come true. Jinchuriki Outfit I love and have been waiting for along with the Less Overwear Pack for all that are there, except pajama Naruto lol

  • Kazekage Aizen

    All of those links takes me to a blank page. 🙁

  • Now this could be interesting. I just hope that your opponent can see your outfit, unlike storm 3.

  • Andreas Aigalew

    madara end of reanimation means that maybe the story mode has yet to have revealed where it will end

  • Reki Honoo

    So just wondering, where did they get all this info? Are these really gonna be dlc?

    • Rinnegan

      I think they got their information through data mining from the Demo.

  • Sai Uchiha

    I hope we get to change their eyes. e.g sharingan/byakugan as part of the costume changes as well

  • tobi mata

    Is this going to be in the u.s.a pre order?

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    gettin all them XD

  • elkfjklj

    awww temari doesnt get summer clothes :C

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    how do you get the dlc?

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    I really wish they add Sakura a Kimono too like Naruto and Sasuke has. I mean honestly all of team 7 has expect Sakura . She deserves one too 🙁

  • Yasser

    Madara(end of reanimation) is the new Madara because in the trailer it says under madara “end of reanimation”

    • Dei

      It’s not new. It was an error the writer made.

  • Nicholas Branch

    Seriously. Why have they not announced a kisame pre akatsuki outfit?

    • Lance Anderson

      They cant really do that because then they would have to include him in the creation of the akatsuki story, and that isnt possible since his voice actor passed away. They might be able to find someone to do his voice but I highly doubt that will be anywhere in the near future.

  • vasek

    nagato akatsuki dlc

    • ilovenagato


  • Akirascreaming


  • Luís

    these DLCs are even confirmed for the Revolution?

  • Javen Cajes

    I saw many dlc constumes(NA) via network clone, how did they get it?

  • Gaara Of The Sand

    does anybody know if the samurai armor pack / Warrior pack will be buyable later on ???

  • We need yahiko moveset for the newest rain orphans dlc…4th Kazekage (Kage outfit)…Kakuzu with akatsuki and Edo Tensei cloak…Sasori Edo Tensei cloak…Obito with long hair and black robe with and without mask…Taka in black robes…sasuke search team capes during sasuke vs itachi arc…naruto without jacket…Nagato In Akatsuki outfit

  • Johnny path

    men oh men i can’t buy all the DLC packs i have to buy more than 20 $ PSN cards