Naruto Storm Revolution – New Pre-order Summer Girls Costumes


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  • Wow, Tenten finally got a DLC costume. Seeing this almost makes me want the swimsuits to return.

  • Kieran Alexis

    Are there any more?

    • Hyphen


  • Morgiana


  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    gotta say that Hinata looks the best

  • Baryll

    Hmm…well, they’ve never been the best with female outfits, minus Sakura’s samurai costume.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Road to Ninja Hinata and Sanin Tsunade were both good.

      • Spencer

        Road to ninja hinata was good? Why? It was an ugly ass costume that made her look like a $2 whore. Good thing that was some BS spin off and not canon.

        • Mathew Gibbons

          I like alternate timelines. I already thought Road to Ninja Hinata was an entertaining character (I still prefer regular Hinata though) so I liked the Storm 3 costume.

  • Is there any way to tell which characters are unlockable or available from the start in the files you guys found?

  • So even in the Summer the females in Naruto don’t wear jewelry? Or anything to make them look interesting

    • Witchkingrider .

      Jewelry doesn’t always make a girl look interesting, and in many video games jewelry looks unnecessary and tacky

      • I never said jewelry made girls look interesting. I was referring to anything, that could’ve made their designs better

  • Aoimoku-Chan

    Hinata looks the best. ^^

  • tobi mata

    Does it come when you pre order the game in the USA?