Naruto Storm Revolution – All Free Battle Stages Revealed


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  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    no kamui dimension D:

    • byron123

      Lol they would fall over the piles XD

    • Marshall D. Teach

      Ik bro…. Ik :'(

    • lego

      on the new trailer we can see kamui dimension,maybe the list is not full

      • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

        that’s part of obitos ult

    • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

      Does anyone else hate how blocking makes you fliP?

    • Kamui Dimension was officially revealed to be something with Obito’s Instant Awakening rather than True Awakening.

    • Kobe

      Right! I really wish they added it this year… hopefully it will be in UNS4

  • Um I hate to bother you or annoy if your already doing it but could you translate the jp demo selections? Thanks in advance if you answer!

  • Bibbyo

    That’s awesome that we get snake kabuto’s stage and that tournament stage in free battle! 🙂

  • Mikeyoshi

    Which one of these are new?

    • Dei

      Yellow highlighted ones.

  • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

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    • Kita

      Make a new disquis account and try that.

      • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

        Already did, No luck. Different email. No luck. It’s an IP ban I think. 🙁

        • Mathew Gibbons

          Maybe try a proxy.

    • Kim Honey

      Please guys, why are you talking about saiyan island here, this is shonengamez, continue the talk somewhere else

    • Baryll

      Stop commenting here.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Please no more discussions on saiyanisland bans.

  • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

    The orange ones

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      those are the new ones

      • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK


  • Kim Honey

    Wait.. so they took out samurai bridge under water(demo in storm 3 and boss battle… really?) and now raikage vs naruto.. or uchiha hideout destryoed… those were the coolest

  • It’s kind of sad to see Stages like Uchiha Hideout (Destroyed), Samurai Bridge (Down), Grassy Waves Prairie (Night), Training Field (Evening), Mountain Graveyard, Hidden Leaf Village (Part 2) and Waterfall of Truth (Evening) not return. I mean I literally love playing as every stage even the exact copied and pasted ones like HLV Part 1/2. Where all it was, was a BG change. I loved the variety, honestly! The more the merrier, same with the Part 1 characters, holy trio and Sound 4 coming back. Glad they’re back, but I like the variety of the stages more. Also they should’ve made the Ninja World Tournament (Beach) a playable stage too, kind of sad really. Anyway, good work for finding all this ShonenGamez and Dei!

    • Baryll

      Weird, the uchiha hideout (destroyed) was in a trailer, too.

      • In all honesty, they should make certain stages like the way the costumes work on the Character Select.

  • Leland South

    What is the stage after Mount Myoboku? Is that Kurama’s Liar??? The yellow highlighted one.

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      deidaras hideout

      • Leland South

        That’s not Deidara’s Hideout, that one is underneath The Final Valley (Day)

        • Kabuto’s Cave

          • Leland South

            That’s dumb.. I wanted Kurama’s Liar (like the Storm 3 boss battle) seems CC2 doesn’t really listen to their fans cause nothing I’ve asked for has been announced…

            • If you’re getting the PC version, you could always mod it in.

            • HozukiHangetsu

              That Kurama’s lair idea literally only serves a purpose for characters that can actually communicate with Kurama,

            • UchihaName

              It’s not that simple… no offence but you’re just one fan, there are millions of others… so it’s not so easy for them to listen to “all” the fans. Unfortunately a lot of fans wanted Kushina, now she’s in -_- lol

  • Well, at least they brought back the stages that were left out of Storm 3. That annoyed the crap out of me.

  • No more suprises? Ehh that sucks..

  • Shonengamez is a awesome website. To get news from. I mean i come here evryday to check news and evry 50 mins i return to see more 😀 cant wait for the forums!

  • UchihaName

    Finally we get Orochimaru’s hideout again (before destruction)