Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Japan Expo Gameplay


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  • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

    Looks decent so far.

  • UchihaName

    That’s some sexy game play.

    • Anthony Pickens

      hey bro 😀 i tracked you down

  • Enzevil

    This gameplay looks amazing!

  • My lawd. Look at this game looks breathtaking for now.

  • Bdock3601

    Looks orgasmic but seems a bit robotic

  • Jay King

    That kamehameha though.. 😀

  • Emilight

    Bad game

  • Emilight

    I still don’t understand how someone can say that this is a good game

    • Reuben Malone

      Shut up yagami.

    • Minato Namikaze

      well because it’s a good game

  • Emilight

    Are you serious ? A pillar falling?! I want a huge explosion! Mountains! Planets! And big stuff! Not just a pillar…

  • Emilight

    DbZ games should have entire earth as one stage

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      I agree we need a huge stage where it just goes around switching stages like one guy can hit me from plains to glacier

  • Reuben Malone

    This is the dbz game weve been waiting for since forever.

  • roockie112

    Oh Jesus cant wait hopefully they add the Gt Characters if not I still wouldn’t mind aslong as they add a fair enough characters to the Roster