Naruto Storm Revolution – All Customize Items

Naruto Storm Revolution – All Customize Items


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  • cack

    can someone tell me if they’re able to find out each awakening and jutsu from each character?

  • Damn. Thx

  • Kim Honey

    Wow, i think this customization thing is the best thing in the game, just imagine, Swaghirama with sunglasses, giant scroll-3 tails-konan flower

  • Kim Honey

    In soul calibur 5 customization was a very good thing, im having high expectation about this (secret factors are custom.. or at least they allow us to pick a diferent one)

  • Soul Calibur V: Naruto Edition! Immediately my first thought when I see this insane amount of items. These are awesome, guys! Do you know if you can use your customized characters offline or not? I rarely play these games online.

    • cack

      it looks like it will be avaliable online and offline.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Though it seems like you’ve got to use online to unlock items.

  • Emilight

    Guys I am really worried about something that will decrease the perfection level of the game by 0.01 levels.
    In storm 3 if you put on a dlc costume only you would be able to see it and not the opponent(Goku costume AND HOKAGE NARUTO is the only exception) so I wonder if the same will happen in the customized characters where you can only see your customized character and player you’re playing against see you as a normal character with no customization.

    • ImLui

      When I play storm 3 online I see other players dlc costumes all the time. What are you talking about?

      • DI

        maybe it only happen to some ppl cause I have only see those 2 costumes that he mentioned and it make sense cause I dont got any dlc costumes

      • Ven Mystborn

        you can only see the dlc costume if you have it yourself

    • Bdock3601

      Well everyone has the custom items unlike dlc where not everyone had it

    • Hokage Naruto isn’t DLC. He’s unlocked when you have save data from Storm 2

      • Emilight

        Anyways that’s not my point

      • Thousand Foot Krutch

        I never had storm 2 and I still got it

    • There is no perfection level for this game. It’s just Okay… Okay?

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    so what will the young tailed beasts look like? just stuffed animals or actual size

  • Elsepa

    Any chance Gai gets the 7th gate as true awakening?

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    I can’t wait to play as “Might Guy” with a Tobi Mask & Cat Ears.

    • If Naruto’s Goku costume were in this game, I’d give him the Four-Tails’ tail. He’d be double the Goku.

  • disqus_zWhqFXJvuK

    I seriously wonder why some people are super excited about this. Do you want your characters to look stupid? I guess some of you must (i.e Madara with a Hinata doll and sunglasses). Not saying this is what everyone will do, but still, customization is cool but too ironic, like mecha naruto or iruka or konohamaru.

  • Sora

    Thanks Fabian Ortiz 😀

  • Ben Tennyson

    i hope it as good at it sound the mask and tails have potential to be very awesome.

  • Bdock3601

    Soooo many options

  • Emilight

    Attention if you care about character creation!!!!
    1. Open this site: http://www(dot)cc2(dot)co(dot)jp/narutimate_enq/intl(dot)html your location the category “naruto ultimate ninja storm series”
    4.copy/paste this there:
    im guessing you got part of your staff working on storm 4 right now, &
    im guessing from both gens ps3 & ps4. & think its possible to create
    your own ninja? some ideas how.
    hair styles: can come from other ninjas in game. & make new ones.
    face: have a few faces pre made
    body: have a few body types pre made.
    gender: boy or girl
    clan & movesets: each clan could have a different movesets options,
    think maybe 6 to 10 movesets to pick from.
    village: simple as a headband (option to put scar through it)
    clothes: clothes ninjas in game have & made up ones made by you guys!
    Head,chest,legs,feet,hands (accessories )add more to wat u have in
    revolutio )
    then name: The clan name would preset , just make a 1st name.

    this would make ALOT & i mean ALOT! of people cry with joy. who
    wouldn’t want to make there own ninja!?

    5. Add your name and that you came from saiyanisland
    This is Mei and madara’s perfect idea!

    • Emilight

      Or shonengamez

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Can we please stop talking about saiyanisland? I’d really appreciate it thanks.

      • Im all about Shonengamez now since i can only type here plus i like this website. Very good for asap news and translations

      • Emilight

        I said or shonengamez

      • Jay Smith

        If I may ask, what do you have against Saiyan Island? I’m a little confused.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          They like to steal our stuff without crediting us and instead credit imaginary users. That and a lot of other things I rather not get into.

    • Thousand Foot Krutch

      Saiyanisland is just a horrible website

  • Lewt/Shogun-Shien

    Swagbito Uchiha confirmed playable.
    Also, Swagetsu Hozuki

    • Takeda Ketsugi

      Oh no, I have already gotten wrecked by a guy on the Revolution Demo by a guy with the gamertag Swagbito, I don’t want him roaming all of Revolution when it releases in his final form!

      • Swagbito

        This is Swagbito: That was me, Takeda, lol. I can’t believe I’m playable! 😀

        • Thousand Foot Krutch

          I officially love both of you

        • Sasori

          Hmmmm, are you sure you’re Swagbito you should have a picture of obito with sunglasses

    • Swagruto Uzumaki, Sagsuke Uchiha, Swagura Haruno, Sagkashi Hatake…everyone’s swag will be released in this game.

      (that was difficult to type with a straight face)

  • jose sanchez

    I didn’t see menma’s mask, where is it?? Don’t tell me that it isn’t in the game because i saw it in the last tráiler, min. 3:24 i think

    • That was a anbu mask.

      • jose sanchez

        No, it isn’t, it’s menma’s mask. I’m not talking about the one naruto is wearing, i’m talking about other one, i think it’s the last one

        • Mathew Gibbons

          I think that was just an Anbu mask too. It looked similar to Menma’s mask but the patterns are different.

  • Elaos

    Sicela Ifu faka fume futhi bafe!

  • Emilight


    • Ur fault.

      • Emilight

        Btw why did you tell everyone that I banned you from SI? Why would I even ban you? How would I even ban you… Why suspect me?

  • Emilight

    I believe we will get screeshots in the next 12 hours (I’ve got a feeling)

  • Hentai

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Brennan Simpson

    Kinda wish there was a headband we could put on. I want to put one on Sasuke

  • Minato Namikaze

    i wonder that how fighting against madara with hashirama look like while both of them in their awakening mod ? is that even possible ? i mean becausee of that lava stage !

    • Yeah as long as your both awakened types and you meet the requirements then yeah, definitely.

      • Minato Namikaze

        their awakenings are so big that you can play and see half of it and if you use their awakening mode their attacks can not reach one another cuz there will be the stage between them am i right ? i was actually trying to say this .

        • chris

          dont quote me but i remember some interview they said the stage itself would get bigger and they would both be on it then…95 percent sure and ya if not then i will become slappy wars to attack eachother until somehow u hit the other person lol

          • Minato Namikaze

            i hope you are right otherwise it will be ruin the joy of the game and thats suck

            • chris

              i remember it being on this website it might have been the japan expo interview or the one b4 that it was really recent i can look later but its morning and ive been doing an all nighter so ya….

          • Minato Namikaze

            I forgot to ask that could you give me the link of that interview ?

  • Mohammed Burhan Ahmed

    Obito’s War Gunbai.

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    diggin tha new update for the website nice haha!

    • TheGameTagerZ


  • Emilight

    Guys don’t worry your new design isn’t as ugly as everyone says it is.
    But you do need to make it more lively next time by adding beautiful purple and pink elephants on the sides.
    Trust me it would be a great idea!

  • This place ain’t so bad… attach some pics… post some links. So much freedom.

  • Now that is a lot of items. Are you kidding me?

    • Indeed, quite alot. It’ll sure be interesting to customize alot of people in this gear. At least it’s close to ‘Character Creation’ but it’s not quite there. Maybe that’s how CC2 took this as. Rather than Create a Ninja.

      • I suppose it works; then again you have to complete missions and shyt to get them. I hope it’s not as hard to get as the Substitution Items in storm 3. I have to play the game for hours just to get some damn subbing items?

        • I guess, hopefully the missions ain’t too bad, I mean, obtaining these things from Storm Generations was horrible, especially with titles and Ninja info cards. Play a character 10 times, win with a grab 6 times etc. They all annoyed me. Hopefully it ain’t like this with most of these items.

          • No I’m talking about the story mode stuff. You had to explore the boring ass leaf village completing boring ass task for hours to get some boring ass items to substitute with. It was TOO much just for some substitution items.

            • Oh yeah, I agree.. I hated traveling around just for some items that I’d probably never use.

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    : I

  • Damn, that really is alot of items, suprised of the patience to type all that. Anyway looks to be interesting.

  • Brennan Simpson

    No headband???

  • Guest

    Is Shizune Playable?

    • Sasori

      Support only


    Puting tobi mask on masked man
    For evil madara tobi

    And sunglasses on orochimaru and pain

  • I’m going to put cat ears and tails on all of the Akatsuki XD OMFG NEKO
    TOBI, NEKO Pain? ergh, Oh sweet lord, NEKO OROCHIMARU ._. NEKO MADARA!
    NEKO EVERYTHING XD Hello kitty you’re so pretty, Ka-ka-ka-kawaii!

  • Uchiha Obito (Moongem)

    Obito is gettin’ party sunglasses.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    That’s a LOT of stuff.

  • Sasori

    I can give the paper slapper to ten ten so sha can slap Lee and Neji like in the spin offs 😀

  • Sasori

    No akatsuki hat :C

  • Luke

    Can someone tell me how to get the customization like where do you buy it at cause I he no idea PLEASE HELP ANYONE 🙂

  • Jacob

    I WISH they made the Akatsuki cloak useable