Naruto Storm Revolution – Online Replay’s, Ranking, & Network Clone Features

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  • SérgioM3

    well…for the Network Clone thingy

    • HystericalGameZ

      This is nice, but the written out description goes far more indepth than the images do.

      • SérgioM3

        not sure if I agree but, yeah it’s a nice article! I just posted a link on the description of my video to here!

    • Hinata47D

      Wait does this mean the RPG ode is for online to or something?

  • Ashura~NarutoUzumaki~

    Thanks for the info it gets me excited! Seeya!!

  • Hinata47D

    This network Clone/Robot sounds way to advance to be real. XD I have to wait & see it for myself.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Namco has done this before though with Jojo and another game I believe I can’t put my finger on it.

  • Raijin’in

    sooo hyped for this feature! my clone is going to be the best ninja ever!

  • Ootsutsuki

    Sounds interesting, definitely be trying this one out!

  • cack

    jutsu:wood style four wood prison…

  • Kira

    Hummm so Bp in storm rev just for show

  • Kira

    Network Clone sounds Awsome

  • Flavio Sirasa

    This is awesome!!

  • Gold Lightning

    Can someone plz confirm if online replays are back?