Naruto Storm Revolution – Kurama Chakra Link Minato Joins the Battle


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  • Bdock3601

    This looks great

  • Whatchadointherebro

    Translation pleasee:)

  • Enzevil

    Looks awesome, can’t wait for the translation!

  • Dei

    Can’t wait for the translation.

  • Kurama (BeyondManga)

    Aww man can’t wait for the translation!

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Traslations coming

  • Translations done, not long for the upload!

    • Dei

      Awesome, thanks again.

  • tylerc23

    Minato’s art looks better than Naruto’s….

  • Mikeyoshi

    That was confirmed ages who via boxart. Nice to see him in action.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    @steelballjack:disqus @TheGameTagerZ:disqus *Waiting for translations* :3

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

    So much for the demo being the final list. bahahaha
    Take that skeptics.
    Guess it’s his awakening from the looks of the scan.

  • byron123

    Lol guys why do you wiat for the translations? They usually say stupid stuff such as “I the 4th hokage, will protect my son” or “the almighty duo of son and father” or even “with his new mode Minato and his son have a unique ultimate”.