Mecha Naruto Scan Translation Reveals A One Hour Anime Special Coming September 11th


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  • It would be awesome if the game included the episode, but since Mecha Naruto has his own story mode, it would probably be redundant

    • Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

      Its redundant already, like they are saying, eat mecha naruto… EAT IT! have you seen it? SEE IT!
      Its mecha naruto… i like him though his voice is funny, it will be a funny chapter

      • Ketsugi Senju

        Honestly, I think they got Menma and Mecha confused some how. At least I know I wanted Menma and they probably heard “Mecha” thus creating mecha naruto. and if they want to go even further, if they make a full burst type of dlc I wouldn’t be surprised if it includes Mecha Sasuke even though it would be pointless unless he’s a character yet to be revealed… Enough with this. All I hope is that the game is fun.

        • `Menma` and `Naruto` together, we now just need `Men`,`Shiru` and maybe `Negi` and we have ourself some Ramen ;D!

        • Is it wrong that I actually want a Mecha Sasuke?

          • UchihaName

            No, that would be cool xD

  • This is old.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We posted the translation.

      We obviously know it’s old :p

      • Both the implied and correct definition of “reveals” is something that is for the first time becoming public knowledge. I apologize, but it is a bit misleading.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Not sure I follow. We couldn’t confirm this ourselves when AnimeNewsNetwork posted it because the scan was LQ. Other websites pretty much went off by their blurry scan. So when we finally got ours we decided to translate it and post it.

          Still don’t see the problem here. Yes we know its old.

          • Sēnju Şhiroyasha

            Mad respect for the translators, redrawers, typesetters etc! 😀

  • Edd

    Mecha Naruto is basically Naruto on Steroids, wonder how that will go…

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Finally Naruto will have 2 episodes in 1 week, it’s been a while 😀

  • Swagdara Uchiha


  • cack

    on the naruto wikia it says that naruto revolution game has a team ougi between naruto/jiraya and sasuke/tobi naruto/killer b naruto/gaara can someone tell me if this is true?’cause I didn’t see that anywhere else.

  • Mikeyoshi

    I’m actually a bit more interested in the bottom right side of the scan and what’s that all about?