Naruto Storm Revolution Kurama Link Mode Minato Combination Jutsu Screenshots


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  • k


  • Complex

    Thanks for the images 🙂

  • Roy Correll

    NICE! Man cant wait!

  • cack

    so it is true that there is a tsunade creation rebirth?and there is a kisame pre-akatsuki?

  • Kurama (BeyondManga)

    Boring rasengan team finisher -_-

    • René Davidoschnaps

      Who says it´s the finisher? Might as well be the startup since on the other screenshot you see them both in Kurama-Link Mode and i can´t see Minato reverting from it for the finisher.

      Edit: Just looked at the scan again and yep the order the pictures of the ougi are shown indicates that the Rasangen is the startup

    • cack

      how do you know that is a finisher?

      • Sydraxe

        most likely it will be a speedy father son rasengan thing where there both dashing around then do either giant rasengan or bijuu dama

      • Kurama (BeyondManga)

        You obviously haven’t played the demo…

    • Father/Son Rasengan.
      They’re following in Goku and Gohan’s footsteps

  • Minato Namikaze

    can’t wait to see him in action

  • I know a lot people joke about Naruto’s Bijuu mode being similar to a Super Saiyan form, but I disagree. Minato’s is more like a Super Saiyan since his bangs stand up.

    • Roronoa Zoro

      There’s nothing wrong with it being a nod to “super saiyan” form

      • Never said there was. I think it would be awesome if Naruto’s Goku costume returned and they actually made his Kurama mode look like a Super Saiyan form, even though it’s unlikely.