Naruto Movie Countdown Page Appears

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  • ArKo

    Someone revealed on the internet that this series will end on October, and on 17th October the movie will be in theatre.

  • Yugiboy85

    “Thanks to user Yugiboy”

    Oh stop it, you ^^”

  • Skorm94

    Have always been dissappointed in almost all of the Naruto movies, hope they learn from past mistakes.

  • Yashiro Isana

    I wonder if it will be the last movie? Hopefully it’s good, I don’t usually like the movies. :/

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    i hope it ends in october n i wonder what the movie is gonna be like

  • Dei

    I’m confused, is this a NEW Naruto movie? Or is it simply the Eng Dub version of ROAD TO NINJA?

    • Perfect susano’o

      New movie Zaka

  • tylerc23

    It’s live action, I can almost tell. Would rather see a movie with Storm like visuals

    • dsf

      maybe its about mecha naruto.

  • Vusala B

    I look forward to Naruto The Movie: The Bridge

    Naruto The Movie: The Bridge