New Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Screenshots Show Off The Androids and a Super Saiyan Mysterious Boy


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  • Lucas Alexandre

    Wow, story mode running around the city, just like Budokai series! Awesome!

    • Perfect susano’o

      Nope, more like Dbz BT2 cut scenes

      • jack

        dude tb2 cut secne you don’t get ask yes ro no to some one like yahmcva you just get cut seen so your worng

  • Mikeyoshi

    It looks like it’ll have a freeroam kind of fly city to city deal just like Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I’m really feeling it.

  • jose sanchez

    hey guys, could you translate the conversation between the mystery man and yamcha?
    Great job. as always

    • Jojong

      I’m not a professional translator or anything, but to directly or literally translate it, on the first screen shot,
      Yamcha: “Sorry, but I can’t(as in not strong enough) stand by(as in fight along) any longer, at the very least, will you take my ki and use it?”
      Then you get a “yes” and “no” option
      on the second screen shot,
      Yamcha: “You’ll definitely defeat them right? I’m counting on you!”

  • looks like son of Trucks

    • jack

      he is not the son of turnks dude he he looks like bandei form utmaite tekaichi he dos not look like son of trunks no in turnsk time line his red hair dude

      • what makes you think I care what you believe.
        i made a guess and i don’t care if i’m right or wrong.

        that’s the fun part of it: guessing because that’s what Namco Bandai wants us to do.

        • agarcia5161

          your statement is false

  • I’m hoping thats just the default custom character that we can change later. I’m honestly not liking his looks

  • Dale

    My guess would be that it’s another “Create a Character” mode in Story mode. Which would be amazing…