Any Questions You Want to Ask Namco Bandai About Naruto Storm Revolution?


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  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    Maybe ask about what if both players awaken ultra giant awakening at the same time

    • John Smith

      Good question. Hope it gets answered

    • Whatchadointherebro

      I think it will be like when Giant Choji fight with the Gedo statue on the story mode but I’m still wondering anyway.

      • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

        that would be epic if it’s going to be that way

        • Whatchadointherebro

          Imagine madara perfect susanoo. Oh yeah.

    • René Davidoschnaps

      Oh yea totally forgot about that.

    • Flavio Sirasa

      I heard the stage would get bigger and both would be able to move.

  • MHM

    ask about why did they make the 2 awakening mechanic although no characters seem to get any true benefits from it at all

    • DI

      some do like mecha naruto and… ok just mecha naruto

  • micheal johnson

    Do you have anything left to reveal about the game before it is released? any news we should be looking out for?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope not really. Other than tomorrow scans should leak and we should have translations.

      • MHM

        u sure tomorrow’s scan is the last one ??

        • TheGameTagerZ

          New scans leak every Wednesday. But sometimes Naruto or DBZ wont be in there for whatever reason. We have to wait and see.

  • Juan Ray González

    ask if there’s any chance of getting in the next installments the “old” mechanics back. separating the ougis, awakening and team skills and removing guard jumping’s just plain wrong imo

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Want to keep it about Revolution if possible.

  • Is it possible to use two titan awakenings at once, is customization allowed in free battle and can you fight your network clone

  • Lucas Alexandre

    What’s the point in using the Storm Gauge with Ultimate Jutsu type in single mode? Because we can’t use supports in single mode…

    • More powerful version of the ultimate jutsu???

      • Lucas Alexandre

        Seems pointless… Your opponent can choose Awakening and use two types of awakenings and you only ultimate jutsus. I would like to have both Ultimate Jutsu, Awakening 1 and True Awakening in Single Mode, just like in the previous Storm Games.

  • Emilight

    Switching Jutsus is confirmed to be in the game according to Dei.
    Ask him how are we gonna change the character’s Jutsu? The same way in ultimate ninja series were you can make even Ten Ten use rasengan or storm 1 style where they give you three choices of Jutsus and you pick one?

    • Minato Namikaze

      how can i get the datamining informations?

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    can we turn stage transitions from true awakenings off, and how are 2 colossal awakenings going to work

  • Bilal12345

    Why don’t they make ninja world tournament multiplayer ? It would be more fun and more hyped

    • Thats a question for the developer and ceo

      • Bilal12345

        But that’s something that I always wanted ;(

  • guest123

    is there going to be jutsu clashing for example: sasuke dose amaterasu and itachi dose amaterasu and you have to mash a certain type of button to win against the jutsu.

  • Craven Fallen-Angel

    How many story modes are there going to be and if there is going to be a story mode, after storm 3 of course, how far into the story are we going. Also is there going to be a storm 4.

  • terrance dorsey

    How come the sound 4 didn’t make the cut

  • Yashiro Isana

    I’d just like to know if 2 people can go into their “Titan” awakening at the same time. Example: Madara, perfect susono’o vs Hashirama, 1000 hand Budah.

  • Bilal12345

    Seperating the battle types wasn’t a good thing. Feels like I’m limited to alot of things

    • SasukeUchiha5DX

      I haven’t played the demo, so my thoughts my change, but i like that the battle types are separated. Since you are limited to one thing, this brings more strategy on how you want to fight your opponent.

      • Bilal12345

        But I preferred it when they weren’t separated because I could mix things up and the battles were more diverse.

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    What else can we expect from the Storm series? Also is this really the last game on the old generation consoles? Will we get a Next-Gen Naruto soon?

    Can we expect DLC for this game post-release?

  • Chris Goodman

    I don’t like Cyber Connect 2 and I want an 80 hour action adventure open world single player game of Naruto, when are you gonna give us a Naruto game like that?

    • minatonaruto510

      That would be the longest open world game I’ve ever played, most open world AAA titles are 50 hours max. There are things called release date and budget, baka.

    • cack

      if you want an 80 hour action adventure you will need to do it by yourself.that is a lot of time even for a RPG.

    • Cylas Keck

      That will most likely never happen, but that’s not to be said there won’t be a Naruto game that has the storyline of the ENTIRE manga and BOTH animes. If they’ve done that crap with the Dragon Ball series, I’m not too doubtful that they won’t at least make ONE game after the series ends if not a bunch like Dragon Ball did.

  • Minato Namikaze

    If you are sage Hashirama and you can activate your True Awakening; but you’re fighting an unmasked Obito who already is in his True awakening form. .. will you have to wait for his to be done or both giant awakenings will fight like they are both sitting on a table aiming at nothing

    • minatonaruto510

      The game probably won’t let you do that.

      • Minato Namikaze

        then this game is nothing but a trash

  • Alucard Violandi

    He is a Good Question Will Menma Be DLC? or be Featured as a Playable character at all?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      “Also no questions about if X character will be in since they never really answer these questions.”

  • Minato Namikaze

    will they keep continue to bring naruto games to pc ?

    • Emilight

      They said yes

      • Minato Namikaze

        thanx for the reply

  • Jason Franklin

    whyd they change the ninja movement? its gonna throw off my game drastically until i can get used to it.

  • D92Bobby

    Is there going to be a Ps4 port

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    Is the new Customization feature in Storm Revolutions a way to test the waters for a “Create your Own Character Mode” in a future Naruto Game?

  • Samuel Hidalgo Vasquez

    Akatsuki got a new awakening actions… so my question is… Konoha’s ninjas will get that? like Neji (i want a awakening action for neji x.x), ino, IDK…

    • minatonaruto510

      Neji’s awakening action will make him commit suicide to save his opponent.

      • Ikki Minami

        Best comment so far all I imagined was neji saying “don’t worry I got this guys” *puts sunglasses on and dives in front of ult*

  • Elsepa

    Do any characters other than Mecha Naruto get a non-generic awakening?

    • minatonaruto510

      All awakening types will have an instant awakening and a true awakening.

      Some true awakenings are normal sized (Bijuu mode minato, Mangekyu sharingan Kakashi), some get big awakenings (Susano’o, BM Naruto, BM Mecha Naruto), while a select few gets huge awakenings (Madara’s perfect susano’o, Juubi, Wood style Buddha)

      • Elsepa

        Not asking that.Generic awakening=blue lightning (instant)

        • cack

          yes on the first trailer we can see that sasori has a new diferent instant awakening.

  • B Zet

    will any of the Zetsus; combined, Black, White, etc ever be playable in the Storm series?

    • DI

      thats a good question idk why the hll they dont add him all the akatsukis are in except for him and he is now like a main character so no adding him is retarded

      • B Zet

        Black Zetsu wasnt even in Storm 3 which was retarded….

        • minatonaruto510

          Well, he didn’t have that many moves when storm 3 came out, and all of his new moves won’t reach the anime when revolution comes out, so it makes sense they want to save him for the next game.

          • B Zet

            bullshit when they give characters like Kushina Iruka and SHisui aswell as Karin slots who have either liek 1 or no canon jutsus. Its not hard to do the same with all the Zetsus; especially the combat oriented Black Zetsu. They easily can make the version of him attached to the White Zetsu mass, and in the next game give us him attached to Obito, and the true form not attached to anyone. As well as THE White Zetsu, a White Zetsu clone, Guruguru, and the combined B/W Zetsu.

  • DI

    are costumes the only dlcs youre gonna add?

  • Omar Farouk

    i have a good question will the characters have more than one ultimate justsus for ex: will naruto have 2 ultimat jutsus insteed of one per character

  • Jeff

    With the implementation of Ninja world tournament mode and much anticipation had been built up these past few months why decide to make it single player only? After taking inspiration from the gekitou ninja taisen series in accel 3 why not capitalize on such a new innovative multiplayer experience?

    • Shisui-Uchiha

      Everybody like this one up, like why isn’t ninja world tournament online??? Such a waste for a better multiplayer experience

    • Flavio Sirasa

      I believe it was because of the awakens, if 4 players and Titan Awakens, it would be too unbalanced and the FPS would drop alot.

  • duane

    What about hinata’s father or sister add character?

    • Emilight

      Chances are lower than 1%

  • Reuben Malone

    Ask them how much more big news they have planned for the future.

  • hashirama

    Does tobirama and hiruzen have new movesets

  • roockie112

    Will we see an updated version of Team Taka?

    • Emilight

      They will get DLC costumes that’s all

  • Guardian Byakko

    Not sure if this is too specific, but I’m curious if the ninja world tournament will be playable online?

    • Emilight

      Confirmed no

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Also ask him about the disconnecting issues.

    If someone disconnects from a match, it should be a loss for them. No if ands or buts.

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Seeing as Naruto ends soon, do they plan to continue to make Naruto games well after the series ends?

  • ElevateYourMind

    Not sure if this has been answered but ask if any old characters will be updated (Kiba, Shino, Ino, etc.) And will Sage Mode Kabuto be in the game considering I didn’t buy the DLC.

    • minatonaruto510

      1. Some old characters (Kakashi, Sakura, Minato) Will have a completely new moveset while others (Hiruzen, Tobirama ect.) will have new awakening actions.
      2. Unknown

    • cack

      sage kabuto will be on the game,we can see him on the leaked characters list.

  • Aegean890

    I don’t know if this is too specific, but my question is will we be able to challenge the Ninja World Tournament as any character?

  • DJrantz

    Will the game be tweaked at all, in response to feedback from the demo?

    • Guest

      i asked on the namco bandai fb page and no….

  • Bruce Lee

    Ask how many team ultimate jutsus will be in this game and if there will be the Itachi/Kisame, Naruto/Jiraiya, sakura/old chiyo, orochimaru/kabuto and orochimaru/kabuto/sasuke combination please.

    • cack

      I think A ultimate jutsu list it was already leaked,and there is no jiraya/naruto team ougi there,you can hope for the list being incomplete.

      • Bruce Lee

        In fact the list is at 80% sure incomplete 😉

  • ArKo

    Ask them about Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and Kinkaku/Ginkaku, if they’re playable or not, we still didn’t see anything about them, just Edo Kages.

    • cack

      of course they’re not playable and never will be…..

  • Sasuke

    ask them if single player is still an option and if in single player can you awaken and use ultimate?

    • Haru Onodera

      If you select ultimate jutsu type or awakening type than yes

      • Sasuke

        shut up

        • Haru Onodera


  • Malloy Brickleberry

    The seven swrodsmen of the mist will be playable or not and how much characters will be playable ( finally ) ? 🙂

  • Haru Onodera

    Ask about guest character from other anime/manga:)

  • SoraTenshi

    My dream:

    a little more character (Hagoromo, Izuna, Kaguya no I know but example: Anko, Shizune, Kurenai, Yahiko, etc.)
    Story the Minato’s team without RIN?! (I want a RIN as a support)

    new moveset for: Konan, Jiraiya (is too SLOW for me), Edo-Nagato
    new UJ: Konan ( fight with Tobi), Killer Bee
    Team UJ example: Yahiko ( Pain ) x Konan x Nagato, Jirayia x Orochimaru x Tsunade etc.

    I don’t want: Kin- Gin, 7 swordsmen (maybe only Mangetsu)
    I prefer the battle system from Storm 3

    • B Zet

      we should have; Zetsuit Obito, Akatsuki Obito, White Zetsu, Black Zetsu, combined Zetsu, Black Zetsu possessing Obito, Black Zetsu (true form), Guruguru, White Zetsu clone, Hiruko, Yahiko, Jubito V1/V2, Jubidara, Kaguya, Hagoromo, Indra, Asura, Izuna, Rikudo Sasuke, Rikudo Naruto, One-eyed Sage Madara, Kurotsuchi, Torune, Mangetsu, Kinkaku, Anko, Kurenai, Shizune, Fukai, Hamura, updated orochimaru with Hydra Awakening, Deidara with C0/C4 Ougis, Konan with Paper Ocean Ougi, Deva path, Animal Path, Asura path, 2-8 Tails with V2 Awakenings, kid Gaara with mini and half Shukaku, TS Gaara with full Shukaku, CS2 Jugo (awakening), Fish Monster Suigetsu (Awakening), Karin updated with Chakra Chains, Edo Sasori (costume), Edo kakuzu-cloaked/uncloaked (costume), Akatsuki cloak Kakuzu (costume), FULL Akatsuki cloak Hidan (costume), blue shirt Deidara (costume), shirtless Deidara (costume), Flak jacket Kisame (costume), 7NSM Kisame (costume), shirtless Kisame (costume), original Akatsuki Nagato (costume), original Akatsuki Konan (costume). phew. lol. Id love to see all of this by the end of the Storm series.

      • cack

        konam has paper ocean techninque,shukaku gaara is already confirmed.

    • Bruce Lee

      jiraiya x tsunade x orochimaru there is yet!!!

      • SoraTenshi

        really? oou. Sorry. My mistake ^^ thanks

    • cack

      konam has new movesets you should pay more attention to the scans

      • SoraTenshi

        I didn’t want a write “new moveset for Konan” mistake. Only for Jiraiya and Edo-Nagato

  • B Zet

    ask if their will be any game mode that will allow permanent awakenings like in Gens

    • cack

      in naruto gen it was allowd permanet awakenings?wtf

  • Scarface

    Is there a canon story mode? Because in previous interviews they said there would be and when we look at the achievements it isn’t mentioned.

    • cack

      on the trailer it looks like will have a history mode.

  • Whatchadointherebro

    My question is, is this the last storm games for PS3/XBOX360 or is the next one will be cross gen like DBX?? Please ask them this admin. I knew this was asked on the Japan Expo interview before but I’m not really happy with the answer and it’ll make us really glad, the last gen owners to get the answer again and I hope they’ll still support it. Thanks.

    • cack

      what did they answer?I don’t have a new gen game ’cause here in brazil it is too much expenseive.

      • Whatchadointherebro

        I heard it from somewhere, that video games console at Brazil is really expensive even PS2 on its first release. Is it right? Oh, btw, the past interview was with the developer of the games (CC2) and they said “We are seriously thinking about making a game on the new consoles, but we always try to share the experience of the Naruto games on maximum platforms. This is also why we are developing for PC since Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst”

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    Hiruzen & Tobirama will have new single Ultimate Jutsu? And if we will see obito in Juubito Form in game as playable character?

    • Marshall D. Teach

      I think everyone has a single Ougi

    • cack

      all character has a single ougi.

      • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

        i want say new single ougi.

  • Snake

    ask if they plan on keep supporting the game with balancing patches based on feedback, Its certanly needed if they want this to go competetive(especially by looking at the other storm games)

    • cack

      of course they wil balance the game with patches.

  • QIQI12

    Are there gonna change of stage? Like hit opponent to the other? Are there gonna be guests like Lars was? Are there gonna be crowd cheering in such stages like: chunin exams in-outdoors? Are there gonna reduce points for rage quitting like most games do? Are there gonna be intro before battle like in storm 1? Will the online replays ever come back?

    • cack

      mecha naruto isn’t a guest character?

      • QIQI12

        Yes he’s not! He’s a naruto robot version. Tough he’s non canon character but despite being a robot doesn’t make him a guest! What I’m trying to say is that is there any non kishimoto char. created that will appear on storm series.

  • René Davidoschnaps

    I guess something they could answer is, if they plan on releasing DLC besides the costume ones, like new characters. Also if they are planning to update the game more frequently, like some fighting games that fix some gameplay issues. I mean they did it for NSUNS3, so it could be possible. This might be to specific, but i always kind of wanted to have handicap team matches in the style of: “Player+2Supports VS Player WithoutSupport” maybe they can answer if there is gonna be an option like that. About the DLC thing, i guess you could just ask if they plan on releasing a package like with Full Burst. Oh and about the costumes DLC, if they gonna be single only buys or if they gonna have a package with all the costumes in one DLC.

    • cack

      DLC is the most stupid thing created ever.

      • DLC is the best thing ever created.

      • René Davidoschnaps

        Yeah i think so too, but it also has a good side. Since publishers have strict dead lines, they can release content even after the release of the game. Of course this gets much abuse in the industry and we never know if we just got tricked out of our money when we get a character for the Naruto game later with DLC, since they could´ve just completed him already and just refrained from putting it in for the sake of DLC. It´s all a bit tricky and the only thing restraining art in game and movie media is greed.

        Note: Art in the sense of design choices which might not be refined and complete since companies want their stuff out on the right moment to time it with highest possible income and want to keep it flowing by frequent releases of the stuff they produce.

    • I wish they would make a mode where one character has supports and the other doesn’t.

  • Swiss

    my question would be are past/older characters getting a new SINGLE ultimate/update?
    Im not talking about the awakening action(L1R1 update) im talking about the ultimate ougi, combos’, awakening

    mostly likely Gai,konan,jugo,5 kages especially tsunade

  • Vendetta

    Ask if the Free Roam is exclusive to the Ninja Tournament Mode or if we’ll able to do a Free Roam in other modes like in Ninja Escapades for example.

  • Doku JuKiKyou

    Will Naruto Storm Revolutions be released for the next gen systems? Just my opinion here since there are no games out really for next gen, I feel they could make more sells and introduce the Storm Series to more people.

    • PC is technically next-gen, and I’m saying that as a console gamer

  • Red Raptor

    Why don’t Team Guy and Team 8 get special collaboration Ougis?

    Are the Storm 2 and Generations characters gonna have new ougis?

  • Pedro Santos

    Character Creation

  • jadehandro .

    two jutsu’s to choose for each character maybe?

  • eincvajdraj

    will there be costumes from the upcoming naruto movie, be featured in Storm revolution? like road to ninja costumes were?

  • byron123

    How many new characters will there be in, without telling who exactly.

  • Please Ask will the next Naruto game be next gen??

    • edit: will it be possible the next Naruto game , to be next gen

      • Ikki Minami

        I’m almost positive cc2 said this was their
        Last “last gen” game and next storm 4 will be new gen

  • And ask if the samurai edition will head north America anytime soon

  • AFRIKING2014

    I have multiple questions so you can choose one or use them all

    Are you planning on going to the Ultimate Ninja style of game?
    Have you guys thought of a HD rerelease of the original Ultimate Ninja games in HD? Were the Sound 4 ever considered to become playable characters in Revolution?
    Will there be a “Full Burst” DLC planned for Revolution?

  • Quinn Noble

    ask about ten tails obito

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Did you read the second paragraph?

  • cack

    can someone tell me if it is true that will be allowed to switch jutsus on the game?

  • I have a few questions.
    1. What are their plans on making a Naruto game for Vita, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One?
    2. What are the possibilities of a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja HD Collection?
    3. Why was Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 5 never released in the United States?
    4. Why did they remove the opening cutscenes before battle? The dialogue scenes, or whatever you call them, from Storm 1.
    5. Will Storm Revolution have a story mode that continues from where Full Burst ended? Beginning when Kabuto lifted the reanimation? Or even if the story starts from Part 1 and ends at Obito’s unmasking?

  • Marcos Encinas

    Yo bro can you ask if they can port the game to ps4? I was so hyped for this game but I recently sold my ps3 for my ps4 and I don’t wanna wait like two years for another

    • Emilight

      Port it? It isn’t that easy the storm engine doesn’t have the characteristics of a next gen console

      • Marcos Encinas

        Not with that attitude it wont, nether did pc but they were like f it well do it anyways believe it

  • Charbel Naruto

    I have tow question

    The first question is : can we play 2 vs 2

    The second is : can we create our own ninja

    • Emilight

      No and No

  • STigersPrank

    Did they exhaust the full potential of at least 80%(major character roster)

  • Austin Myers

    Will the story mode contain any moments from the anime/manga?

  • Uchiha Obito (Moongem)

    Are there plans for another Storm game this generation, or do they plan to jump to next gen after this installation?

  • Uchiha Obito (Moongem)

    also, are there plans for post-release DLC?

  • Shisui-Uchiha

    Is this the final naruto game for cc2?, and if it is do have any idea of what companies may want to pick up the license in the future.

    Don’t read below

    I really want dimps or spike to make a naruto game. I know dimps is still working on xenoverse but still. Why would u guys even want cc2 to make a next gen naruto game it, the mechanics and combos would be lackluster as always,bbbbb so boring. I in naruto competitive community and when I lose to a random when they just counter and press b the whole game it’s just stupid a kid I’m s3 would never do that to me. Revolution is still let down all them ultra big Awakenings like Susanoo and ten tails is just to sugar coat the game when we all know it’s going to be broken asf really come on cc2 tf is namco bandai doing any way….. Enough I ranted for too long but yeah ask my question please lol….

  • Leland South

    Are they done with the roster or is there still more secrets??? I want to know it from Namco Bandai not just info from DEI data mines 🙂

  • Shisui-Uchiha

    Why did they remove the ninja movement cancles and relay it self?

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Could it be possible to fight single vs supports?
    (One player with no supports and the other with 1 or 2 supports)

  • Souter

    Can I finally play as sage naruto without a coat! Or headband =]

    • guest

      As long as Matsuyama is alive : NOPE

  • Flavio Sirasa

    Will they let us customize awakens and maybe change the color of the clothes?

  • NazoNegative

    Question 1:
    – How many characters are gonna be in the final game?

    Question 2:
    – Are they planning to release DLC in the future like Full Burst?

    Question 3:
    – Is movie only character have a chance to be in game via DLC?

    Question 4:
    – How far does the story go?

    Question 5:
    – Why not make every character in game playable? Why need support-only characters?

    • Kesasu Sasuke

      Question number 5 really need an answer.

  • Complex

    Can you please ask them about Free roam?!?!

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    If you can ask we will take DLC characters?

  • Charbel Uzumaki

    I have 2 questions

    1st can we play 2 vs 2

    2nd in the next naruto storm can we create our own ninja

  • YamiNoChikara

    Is there taking in account all of the things that fans have been reporting from the demo ?

  • Unraveled Ken

    2 vs 2 game for next gen
    and PS VITA GAME

  • Abod Alrashid

    we need open field like j star victory vs

  • نور

    when you will release new series for next gen consoles ?
    we want you fix the game play mechanic and add new things !

    not only in every game just add new characters and game play mechanic didn’t change anything .

    • Unraveled Ken

      Ur name in english please

      • نور

        Lol no need , my name is ” نور ” in arabic , which pronounced ” Noor ” in English it means light .

        • Unraveled Ken

          its an english site

          • نور

            i know , but i added comment by twitter account .

          • Tayusional

            who left this jar of mayo here? is he speaking in arabic? no, so shut up. his name has no impact on this site. racist

  • lee

    Naruto game with monster hunter style.

  • Phantom

    more ninjutsu to use and a choice to replace items in arrows with them

  • Kaito

    Is There a Chance to Bring Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution to PS4/XBOX ONE ? =(

  • Ninja escapies dlc would be epic! Like continuing the war story abit more! The game series are normally in between the manga and anime schedule but now even the anime is ahead. either that or a dlc with obito in mission costume :3

  • Hol Horse

    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on Steam