New Naruto Storm Revolution Scan Showcases Byakugo Sakura And Ninja War Kakashi (Translation)


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  • Before anyone says its wrong, in the scan on the right the word “Hyakugou” is used. This is because Hyakugou is the official Viz Media translation for Sakura’s seal.

    • Dei

      You guys have never been wrong with translations anyways.

    • shaddrag

      Was just wondering about that.

    • Never doubted just confused

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    They all are getting updates!!! (Most but ya know.. :3)

  • obamcarehero

    When it says “the ninja alliance joins the battlefield” it’s making me think we will be seeing minor updates in the scans now of konoha 11 and such

  • micheal johnson

    Can you please translate the movie scan?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We tell this to everyone to not ask us to translate things when 9 times out of 10 we’re going to do it anyway. We have no translators available at the moment so that will have to wait.

      • micheal johnson

        Sorry won’t ask again, just didn’t know

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Its cool.

      • You did enough already I can wait a day or 3

  • Marshall D. Teach

    I hope they give Konoha 11 the new techniques they displayed against the Juubi

  • J Walk

    As cool as this is, I physically hurt at the thought of Tsunade not being updated.

    • cack

      tsunade has a new awakening.

  • cack

    the kakashi on the scan is the same from the demo?

    • micheal johnson


  • cack

    and sakura byakugo is her awakening?

  • UchihaName

    I can’t believe i will actually play as Sakura in this game. She was so lame before this version

  • cack

    can someone tell me if it is true that will be allowed to switch jutsus on the game??

  • I always research the official viz or at least the well known translations that everyone knows, but this time when researching Byakugou no jutsu びゃくごうのじゅつ/百豪の術 the only one I could find was a viz translation that named it hyakugou… its a weird translation but its viz official apparently lol
    Also I do apologise for any weird sounding technique translation in the future, i only read Naruto in Japanese so i research most viz or other well translations so you guys know whats going on!

    Take care guys and gals!

  • Aizen Sosuke

    Tyvm for translation keep up the good work 🙂

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Didn’t we already know about this?

    • Sasuke

      no shut up

  • Guest

    Here is an edited character roster of storm revolution and the last ten slots are the ones i fully believe we will recieve. Kisame will surely have a back story and pre-akatsuki outfit and he will totally fight fuguki and take his samehada sword. That being the case the swordsmen just gotta make it in this game. CC2 already has their character models from storm 3 as well as Ginkaku and Kinkaku’s. Omoi can be playable too since kono and iruka is… And Zetsu is apart of akatsuki story too. I think they will get announced playable in august.

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    The games coming out on 9/11 right?

    • Şwag Đoge

      wow nardo not kool