One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Will Have Over 85 Characters (Translation)

In 3DS

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  • Jmanforever23

    *creams everywhere*

  • Kiera

    So this is for 3DS? Awesome just a new Game for my japanese 3DS and more One Piece, love it.

  • Edd

    Only 3DS? *Yuck*

    • British_Otaku

      Judging from your username, I’ll guess you like Magi.

      The 3DS has had two games based on that series and has been a powerhouse in the Japanese video game industry for a long time being the de facto choice for licensed games whether it is football, live action shows, anime or manga.

      You can’t really fault the system (or the Vita which gets a good line up like Madoka Magica, Girls und Panzer and To Love Ru) for getting games if it sells to the lead market and it is also cheap to develop.

  • Lifestreamer

    I’m saying it everywhere: the presentation is very Grand Battle like but being a 2d, 4 players with supports, I’m sure the gameplay will be more like Gigant Battle, I would like to see a good playable roster but I’m fairly sure that a ton of these 85 chars will be support only like it was with Gigant Battle.

    Anyway, I’m hyped!

    • British_Otaku

      If “a ton” of the 85 characters are supports, we could end up with a smaller playable roster than Gigant Battle 2 which had 100 characters in total with 40 of them being playable.

      Perhaps I am being too positive, definitely too positive as I got burned on Unlimited World RED (good game, not good enough), but couldn’t it actually be 85 playable characters?

      I haven’t bought any of the Grand Battle games, but the only thing I can see that resembles that series is 3D models in these scans.

      • Lifestreamer

        If the models were still sprites it would be debatable imo, but since they are full 3d chibi grand battle style I really think the playable roster will be somewhat modest since they’re creating every single character from scratch.

        And british it’s cool to see you being positive regarding the future of the op games, cause, don’t get me wrong, but you are one of the most harshest critics towards the “unlimited world red” game in the internet (that I know), maybe I’ll share a bit of your positivity to this new game.

        • Jmanforever23

          Hm I’d like to get in on this. The original Grand battle 1 and 2 in Japan were 2d fighters and good god they were fun. The Grand battle series did not make its transition to 3d until GB3 and later GB rush. Gigant battle was a somewhat mish mash of elements that the GB series had in the 2d forms (1,2) and the 3d forms (3, Rush, and [Adventure US & EU exclusive] ). If you compare Gigant battle to Grand battle 1 and 2 though they’re are many changes. Most notably less combos. Though the Gigant battle series was awesome it felt bland compared to Gran battle 1 and 2 . That being said I have extremely high hopes for this title. Maybe Ganbirion will properly fuse the gameplay styles of the Grand.battle and gigant battle series. Also as far as the number of characters go being 85 I’m positive the majority of those characters will be supports. In Grand adventure they featured an extisive amount of supports and made the roster seem small in comparison which that on it’s own was a feat since the roster was quite large. Out of the 85 chars I’d say 35 maybe even 40 being actually playable. My only hopes at this point are
          1.Localization: With romance dawn and world red being ported and having moderate success why not.
          2 . updated combat: as I said before since the game is going for a 2d fighter I hope it takes the hefty combat of Grand battle 1 & 2 while retaining the fast paced action of Gigant battle 2 which main focus was to have a faster game play style
          3. Great roster: Instead of the newest characters in the one piece universe I’d rather have the most memorable ones but it wouldn’t hurt if we got some recent characters that were RE-introduced (you know who I’m talking about 😉 )
          And as far as world red goes I’ll agree with British. It’s a great game on its own but not good enough. While the combat was given some expansion it also took away depth but mapping counters , dodges and guards to an on screen command all of which could’ve easily been implemented in the game without automating it. All the bug catching and fishing has been removed for rythm/sequence games which take all the patience and skill that was necessary in the wii games. Overall what was intended to be a simpler and more fun experience actually dumbed the game down alot and took all of the challenge and fun that made the wii games amazing.

        • British_Otaku

          3D models are cheaper to develop than high definition sprites though, Gigant Battle 2 or 3DS sprites won’t be up there but they may be saving a lot of work just from that.

          I’m mostly positive as it is the first scan and Ganbarion have yet to mess up on a brawler of this kind, I’ll spin around to my UWR mode if they give me something to worry or complain about come Winter 2014 and hopefully I won’t have much negative to say.

          I’ll be extra critical of the upcoming demo and if I catch a whiff of even costume DLC for one store. >_>

  • Game looks like it can be very fun. 85 characters is a huge number, I reckon there will probably be PTS character versions of the Strawhats too. I really hope to see that Vivi has a place in it.

    Very hyped for this, thanks for the Scan and translation, ArlongPark, and SGZ!