Naruto Movie 10 (The Last) Scan Translation

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  • tylerc23

    This confirms that Naruto Manga is ending in October, just like the rumors that stated that Naruto will end in October and the last Naruto movie will premier in December

    • tylerc23

      Very sad to see it go, but it’s the right thing to do

    • shaddrag

      How does it confirm that?

  • So, Naruto cuts his hair and looks older? Perhaps this movie will serve as an epilogue to the series, and confirms that Naruto somehow defeats Kaguya.
    Either way, this costume needs to be in Storm Revolution.

    • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

      i doubt that costume will be in there since they just now showing the scan for it

  • Sēnju Şhiroyasha

    Awww..Kishimoto should of sticked with the other version of order Naruto in the pain ark. This one.

    • DI

      that one actually look older this one is just naruto with different clothes and shorter hair

    • Dei

      Honestly he just looks bad. Looks a lot like Minato.

      • I’ve never heard of a child looking like his father, that’s weird.

    • What episode is that from?

    • Zad

      The drawing looks 100X better. This guy looks extremely hideous and fat.

    • Raccoon Child

      That Naruto looked like a massive tool. No thanks.

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    Instead of going into the past, they’ll be going into the future???

    • EBKbrothersInTime

      PTS Naruto and Naruto right now going into the Future? (Saw the Naruto icon under the translated by Griffin in the second picture)
      We know how the movie will end if it goes like that, all 3 Naruto’s doing a Rasengan together.

    • Dei

      They’re not going into the future. Rather the story is set in the future.

  • Whatchadointherebro

    All good things will come to an end. Goodbye Naruto, goodbye my childhood 🙁

  • Kurama (BeyondManga)

    Either way he still looks awesome

  • superNaruto1

    +senju Shiroyasha, Can u give me a link to that
    Version. I forgot what it look liked n can’t seem
    To find pictures of it. Thanks

  • superNaruto1

    My bad, Didn’t see the view button down there. Lol.

  • HyugaName

    Okay I am going to be completely honest. Every time I click on an article, it brings me to some Justin Bieber video on YouTube. Does anyone know why?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I knew it wasn’t just me thanks for that.

    • roockie112

      hahah it happens to me as well

    • gokujtv

      same for me

    • Marshall D. Teach

      I do too!

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Has it happened again today?

        • Marshall D. Teach


    • TheGameTagerZ

      Which article in particular so I can find the cause and remove it. Cause I haven’t had it happen to me today.

      • HyugaName

        I can’t really say because it’s random.

      • HyugaName

        It just happened again, haha. That’s weird.

    • Complex

      This has never happened to me, should that be a good thing lel

    • Trim Dose

      Wow I thought I click something else by accident, lol. I was like wth ?

    • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

      Yea that happen to me too.

    • Yasser

      To be more specific It brings me to a video where JB is slips and falls while playing basketball. Although it didn’t happen today.

  • Ikki Minami

    Does anyone think we will see narutos son/daughter in this?

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Is this movie and Road to Ninja really considered cannon? I know it’s done by Kishimoto, but do the events take place in the same timeline as the manga and fit with it’s events?

    • Ikki Minami

      Yes it is being RTN was before naruto went to train with bee and this is after they beat kaguya

      • Austin Myers

        No, RTN really doesn’t have a place in the timeline because the Leaf is fully rebuilt and Naruto mentions wanting to use Chakra mode in the battle with Menma merged with Obito.

  • This Naruto to me looks about 2 years older at most

    • Sasuke

      no 4 years

  • Tsunade-sama

    Tsunade: I think the new era means… Akipudden 🙂 Nothing else 🙂

  • Sasuke

    i hope theirs a time skip when their all adults

  • Kim Honey

    This Naruto looks bad “magic words – in my opinion”, is like a fusion of Obito + Attack on titan hair style of Eren

  • Swagdara Uchiha

    @disqus_WNhTlf4a8t:disqus i see your still here, hahahahaha

    • Yasser

      Still where?

      • Sasuke Uchiha

        I bet your laughing off your socks..

  • Swagdara Uchiha

    Dem bro’s

  • Sasuke


  • Sasuke


  • david paw

    What do they mean by the “opening of a new era”?

  • micheal johnson

    I’ve been working on a grown up naruto sketch since last night and would love some opinions on it, please view it here!

  • Man_of_Sin

    Road to ninja is not canon.

  • Abbhy Rathore

    Where can I find the early 15 sec footage?

  • Phineas Crumpy

    More movies I guess to introduce key events in the plot and story? Something to make finally be at piece with the fox demon in him?