New Naruto Storm Revolution Screenshots Shows Kakashi, Gai & Sakura In Action


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  • duane

    Slow scan -_- other character show me, come on.. Ik, they want favorite character move set or new ult jutsu or something.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    *Impatiently waiting about new scans other than Sakura’s….*

    • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

      same here

    • Sardorim

      We haven’t seen enough of Sakura’s yet. Kakashi gets so much but poor Gai and Sakura? Barely anything!

  • Yashiro Isana

    Yup, the water dragon is just as happy in this picture as it is everywhere else…
    I hope CC2 fixes that, it’s such low res. >.<

    • cack

      what diference does it makes?

    • looks like he is smiling :

  • cack

    byakugu sakura is a separate character?

    • No, same slot as normal Sakura.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Even if it’s inside the slot it will still count as a separate character.

        Slots doesn’t mean more characters by the way.

        • Yeah I know, I never said it didn’t. Just said it was in the same slot. ^^

    • Haru Onodera

      replace war Sakura

    • i hope is a separate character

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Looks like an awakening.

  • Boring to me because we already know about the new Kakashi, and to be me, Sakura’s just boring, just me though. I would’ve liked Hiruzen and Tobirama screenshots the most though.

  • War Kakashi looks like he’s actually been in a war… Sakura on the other hand…

  • Kakashi war ” art ” look amazing

  • micheal johnson

    I’ve been working on a grown up naruto sketch since last night and would love some opinions on it, please view it here

  • Baryll

    Random thought, but I appreciate how updated you keep the site. Saiyan Island uses the same two Naruto images for articles and there’s really nothing special about it besides the fact that’s it’s just Naruto and DBZ, with the occasional One Piece.

    • Kim Honey

      I really like how it looks, much cleaner, and how people actually stay on topic and discus about the game (0 Role playing)

    • TheGameTagerZ


  • Swagdara Uchiha


  • Guest