Akainu, Z, Shiki, Whitebeard & Burgess Joins The Grand Battle in One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X (Scan Translation)

In 3DS

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  • Kiera

    Awesome Z is playable, looking forward for more Charakters.

  • 「They finally gave Akainu his time skip goatee, now hopefully One Piece games after this will follow 」

  • Lifestreamer

    If Burgess is there, Sabo must show up as a support char or at least in the background, Zephyr and his smash buster are for the first time in an OP game and I’m loving it, the supernovas are all in their TS version (except Bonney), maybe everyone playable this time?

    Since this game is more “Gigant Battle 3”, and god knows how much I loved this game, I truly want 2 attack buttons cause the Gigant series hadn’t it, even if this game is a 4p chaotic (and hopefully balanced) brawler.

    • Hagaren

      Imagine Sabo being playable and having….’that’ as well.
      I’m really pissed I don’t own a 3DS right now… =P

  • Bartoakatsuki

    I hope Bartolomeo is playable!!! Also Rebecca. I’m glad they put the worst generation in. I really want a 3ds now!!!