Check Out Over 50 Minutes of Naruto Storm Revolution Gameplay


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  • Yashiro Isana

    I was hoping they’d show us some awakenings but I guess not. D:
    (Kiba, Jiraiya, etc.)

    • cack

      I quess they can’t show much about the game,but jiraya and kiba has new awakening actions

  • Guest

    the pirate version it was already leaked?

  • cack

    what idiom are they speaking?

    • Uchiha Flame


      • cack

        i thought it was french.

  • Guest

    so juubito will be DLC,I will cry.

  • cack

    i’m pretty sure that the full version of the game will be leaked soon.

  • Guest

    so the story mode is the tournament?

    • Haru Onodera

      Yes 🙂

  • cack

    the stage that Itachi and deidara are fighting is new?

    • Haru Onodera


  • UchihaName

    Hopefully a mod sees this, but is there anyway you guys might sub the new Naruto movie trailer?

    • Dei

      Pretty sure we’ll get an official sub version soon enough.

  • Dei

    All the game needed was one month of updates, and I’d be content. Time to wait for Storm 4.

    • You have to get this one first. You can’t buy one without having them all.

      • DI

        so how I got storm 3 if I never bought any of the others?

      • Dei

        That makes no sense…

        • You have to own the entire series. It’s not right to only have one game from the franchise

          • Dei

            That’s my choice.

          • Oscar Yeung

            “You have to”? Whut? When were you forced to buy the whole franchise. I recently bought GTA V. Do I have to buy every single GTA game before it then?

            • Yes.

              • Oscar Yeung

                LOOL. Okay I give up. Very logical.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            I disagree with that. Many people skipped Generations after Storm 2 and got Storm 3 for the story. You don’t need to buy every last game it’s not a requirement.

            Going to be honest, that was a really silly thing to say.

          • Baryll

            I hope you’re trolling because you sound very sad.

      • I wish I could’ve played the very first one, but that one’s just for PS3 I believe. I have all the others though.

  • Bdock3601

    Well im game, looks good to me

  • will this game is pretty good not that amazing
    but its enough for me ^-^

  • BeautyGuruChels2245

    I wish that I could mute the people talking -_-

    • Oscar Yeung

      There’s a thing called freedom of speech, so unfortunately for you, that’s not possible.

  • Kim Honey

    From what it seems one can either choose the logical side or the eternal tsukuyomi side to think that everything is great and colorful

  • Tayusional

    *thinks of sound 4 being support-only still after everything that’s happened in the past 2.5 years*

  • NSUNSRev.

    Hey guys i made some calculations about the character roster and i came up with this. 81 playable characters in full burst (counting doubled chars like choji, gaara, bee) and there are 100 playable slots in revolution. Based on what i saw on this video there are no more doubled characters except for naruto, sasuke and maybe kabuto and tobi so there are 77 or 78 chars from full burst in this game plus 9 new characters that have been revealed this far plus pts characters that makes 93 or 94 characters so there are like 6 playable character slots left and i cant figure out who they are so do you guy have any ideas of who this chars slots are or do you think they haven’t revealed them yet?

    • René Davidoschnaps

      So here i made a list for you as an overview. I tried to put characters to the nearest position i think they are going to be put in. Of course some are just randomly placed, but just look at the character select screen and compare it with my list.

      Note: Also there might not be some of the multiple character slots i put in like Bee, Gaara or Hashirama, but i´m pretty sure that others would have multiples then to fill up the roster, like Minato has maybe two slots.

      Page 1


      Naruto (Sage Mode)

      Naruto (Kurama Link Mode)

























      -Bee (Samehada)


      -Mecha Naruto

      Page 2

      -Hashirama (Sage Mode)

      -Madara (Rinnegan)



      Gaara (Five Kage Summit, Shinobi World War)













      Fourth Kazekage


      -Third Raikage

      -Second Mizukage



      Seven Support Slots:

      Ao, Chojuro, C, Akatsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Fu, Torune

      Page 3


      -Sasuke (Mangekyo Sharingan)

      Sasuke (Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan)





      -Masked Man

      -Tobi (Shinobi World War)












      -Itachi (Edo Tensei)



      -Kabuto (Snake Cloak)

      -Kabuto (Sage Mode)


      Four Support Slots:

      Sakon, Kidomaro, Jirobo, Tayuya

      Page 4





      -Kakashi (Boyhood)

      -Obito (Boyhood)

      Naruto (Pre Time Skip)

      Sasuke (Pre Time Skip)

      Sakura (Pre Time Skip)

      -Shikamaru (Pre Time Skip)

      -Choji (Pre Time Skip)

      -Ino (Pre Time Skip)

      Lee (Pre Time Skip)

      Neji (Pre Time Skip)

      Tenten (Pre Time Skip)

      -Kiba (Pre Time Skip)

      -Shino (Pre Time Skip)

      -Hinata (Pre Time Skip)

      -Gaara (Pre Time Skip)

      -Kankuro (Pre Time Skip)

      -Temari (Pre Time Skip)

      Three Support Slots:

      Anko, Kurenai, Shizune

  • oraoraikuze

    anybody knows if PTS/early Kazakage Gaara will have Shukaku as awakening or Orochimaru (akatsuki) got updated?

    • obamcarehero

      Early kazakage garra has shukaku awakening according to the data miners

  • Mei

    This game is going to be magnificent

    • Kim Honey

      After this game im going to start a pc for games, to try & learn some modding (and enjoy the game at its fullest)

  • Guest

    Don’t even know what the hell is going on in the comments below or above…where ever my comment shows up at :/

  • Baryll

    Well, that was convincing enough to NOT buy it. Generations 2.0, and once again, could easily have been DLC.

    • obamcarehero

      No it couldn’t have . This is the best storm game that’s been made. It brings the best from previous games and adds more. DLC is made to add small things into the series.

      • Baryll

        You’re completely right obamacarehero, an evil force is controlling my mind, and I have no idea what I’m talking about, duh!
        Is SG gonna stock up on more mods anytime soon? SaiyanIsland’s horrid userbase is bleeding in here.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          We’re always watching.

          • obamcarehero

            this SI fan base vs SG fan base is stupid. just let people get their info from where they want without being labled

        • obamcarehero

          an evil force? that was supposed to be funny right? i was just telling my opinon, about your opinion. and you obviously dont know what your talking about if you think this is only DLC worhty

          • Baryll

            The bible says Adam and Eve, not Naruto and Sasuke!

            • obamcarehero

              im just giving credit where credit is due. you can keep thinking im fanboying and making corny jokes, its a public site, just know noone is laughing.

              and i dont belive in the bible anyway

        • obamcarehero

          and im not from SI. i go whereever i can get my info