Take A Look At the Opening Cinematic For Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2, the 3DS port for the popular card arcade game in Japan was recently released both digitally via the Nintendo 3Shop and physically. ShonenGameZ was able to get their hands on the game to provide gameplay footage for the fans to see. But first enjoy the opening cinematic of the game.

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  • gokujtv


  • Miguel Lizarraga

    Lol all i hear is Dorae MON

  • GadgetBuster

    OK… THAT… WAS… AWSOME… LMAO!!! I like the buu and frieza transformation that DIMPS did in there and the Cinematic graphics were awesome.

  • GadgetBuster

    And the saiyans in here can as far as SSJ3 so why not Xenoverse? I hope DIMPS can put the tansformations here into Xenoverse.