Naruto Storm Revolution Available To Pre-Order On Steam, Here Are The System Requirements


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  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    This has little interest to me since I am getting it on PS3. But it will most likely be my last PlayStation game. *sighs in sorrow*

    • Skorm94

      Mine will probably be Persona 5, so looking forward to that game

  • Kim Honey

    I dont get it, the rivals custome pack will be free for everyone until 12 december for everyone?
    Also the summer pack “for your favorite ninja girls”
    I would trade any day Sakura-Hinata for Karin & Konan

    • It will be free for everyone, even if you didn’t pre-order the game.

      • Kim Honey

        Thanks, that’s a nice thing, i´m not interested in their samurai costumes that much, Sasuke looks off, but Naruto looks better in that outfit, (If only Hidan & Kakuzu got their akatsuki clothes)

        • SasukeUchiha5DX

          But after December 12, it will be gone. Pre-order or not, you need to get the game by then to get the rivals costume pack.

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Pre-ordered! 😀

  • It’s unfortunate i have no idea what this stuff means. *Sigh* My fault though. -_-

  • Weirdguy13

    i’m pre-ordering this tomorrow 😀