Character Creation Returns In Dragon Ball Xenoverse


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  • DeathPointZ

    First one here! Ha ha! 😀

  • Dei

    If it wasn’t obvious enough.

    • DeathPointZ

      Lol, ikr! xD

    • Xicor

      i like the variety

    • Anthony Pickens


  • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

    Character Creation!!!!? Where do I preorder?

  • Yet the question beckons to be solved namekian or saiyan maybe there will be multiple character slots

    • DeathPointZ

      I believe there will be more than one slot for our custom characters. 😉

  • Female Characters! Finally! 😀

  • Marshall D. Teach

    This is just Dragon Ball Online for consoles .-. Lol But it was pretty obvious that we were getting character customization, It’d be a little nice if they let the player change Goku and the others clothes into some of their custom clothes…? I was really hoping for our Hero to have an enemy from the Future on here though.

  • Gamejtv


  • goku123

    the hype is real

  • goku123

    i don’t know if anybody spotted this but did anybody spoted a crator in one of the screen shot when Namekian is about to attack nappa when you look in your left side where nappa at you see a hole

  • Morgiana

    I want to be a female Majin and I hope you can chose to have a character similar to Cell.

  • micheal johnson

    All I havn’t seen is db, giants, and gt characters.

    • Anthony Pickens

      hopefully we get atleast db

  • UnholySaiyan

    Hopefully my character can be a pea green flying nimbus or no buy

  • mosdra

    what about saiyans

    • Obama

      they confirmed too cuz mystery guy went super saiyan

  • 「I hope the saiyans can at least get to Super Saiyan 3」