New Naruto Storm Revolution Screenshots Shows Gaara, Kankuro & Team 10 In Action

New Naruto Storm Revolution Screenshots Shows Gaara, Kankuro & Team 10 In Action


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  • minatonaruto510

    Firs- *Get shot in the head*

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Seco-*blows up from the inside out*

  • John Doe

    Lol Shukaku look pregnant.

  • Guest980

    With what we’ve seen with Gaara and Kankuro, I seriously hope Temari gets an update too. I feel that she’s one of the characters who needs an update.

    • Bdock3601

      Yeah, from a game perspective she needs one but from a series perspective she hasn’t done much new

  • Looking at the Sand 3, I see their voice actors as they are in JoJo.
    Kouichi, Doppio and President Valentine lol.

    • Bdock3601

      I always love to watch a new anime and be like “yoooo that’s franky from one piece etc.”

  • Yashiro Isana

    Is Kankuro’s awakening action/awakened jutsu the same as Sasori’s awakening action?

  • Snake

    Dunno if this is known yet, but I just tested the Rev demo at Gamescom, and many people asked how two giant awakenings could fight, and the answer is they can’t… 😛
    Me and my friend both chose obito and I couldn’t awaken when he was awakened.
    So theres that

    • STigersPrank

      yeah thats the only possible idea that was left but wouldve been grat fighting as hashirama in true awakening against madara in true awakening :/

  • Sasuke

    Shukaku is BALLING

  • Shukaku is one fat Bijuu lol. Hopefully Kankuro’s new Awakening is better than his Salamanders with no glitchy fire. I also like the way it’s his Everyday Clothes version that’s using the Puppet too, when from a series perspective it was only the Five Kage Summit and Great Ninja War version’s that could use it. Well I guess they’re adding it to their normal versions to represent how they’ve grown I guess, being a current War Kankuro in their normal, everyday clothing lol.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    I dont understand why CC2 always makes the awakenings alot smaller then they really are.

    • J Walk

      Because if they were actual size, all of the tailed beasts would be super giant awakenings, and the juubi, Madara’s Susanoo, and Hashi’s awakenings probably wouldn’t be in.

      I mean the Juubi is so big, it would look ridiculous at full size trying to attack one opponent.

      How futile would it be if Hashi’s awakening (which many times the size of Kurama) was attacking someone who wasn’t tailed beast size?

  • Minato Namikaze

    CC2 needs
    to add Hack and slash mode in the next naruto game!
    Where you play co-op with your friends (4 players only offline and
    online) within the Hack and slash mode you will be
    able to choose survival and arcade mode
    the survival mode needs to have 50 rounds (without a loading screen of
    course) every
    time when you kill a amount of zetsu’s you will get some health like after
    killing 500 zetsu’s or something like that you can do anything what you want
    with the health you pick up you can choose to drop it, or you can choose to
    heal one of your friends or use it for yourself… NOTE: it’s not like your
    health is going to be restored by 100% but maybe 15-25%. But by every next
    round there will be more zetsu’s and they will be stronger and longer to beat. And
    for arcade mode you will be able to have a 2 player co-op because it’s not as
    hard as the survival mode you have to pass 25 levels alone or with your friend
    every round is also going to be harder until you get to the last round you will
    need to fight the last boss it will be a huge monster zetsu (that never is
    shown in the anime/manga)the monster zetsu will be hard to beat of course (you
    can think of the gaint monster in resident evil 5 when you were on the car
    shooting zombies from their motorbikes) zo huge would he be when you almost
    beat him you need to make a synch kill like assassins creed wolf pack (it would
    be a sort of team ultimate exemple: Naruto and sasuke… Sasuke will put the
    zetsu under a sort of genjutsu and naruto will finish him with a rasenshuriken
    throwing from the air you can think of the boss battle from storm 3 naruto vs
    kuruma) but you need to put buttoms like sasuke to hold the genjutsu (like storm
    1 when you had jutsu clashes or you were doing the ultimate) and naruto needs
    to do it too to perform the rasenshuriken

    • funnymitchell

      naruto uzumaki uses wall of text no jutsu. it was super effective. *insert name here* got Ko’d

  • barto

    have you guys seen this not so new vide? (I think I accidentally posted this on some other place)

  • Morgiana

    It’s nice that they are updating character’s awakenings.

  • gaarag4

    aren’t we suppose to be getting a scan or something today since its Monday?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You mean Wednesday

      • gaarag4

        Well here its Monday I thought we normally get them every Monday

  • Kim Honey

    More Jason Enos
    Another interview, nothing new, just him talking about the game, day 1 Dlc, & That Itachi + Sasuke anime eggs will be 11 minutes long