Create Your Own Saiyan Warrior In Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Scan Translation)


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  • Staz


  • So, can you only create one character, or can we make more?

    • DeathPointZ

      Idk. Hopefully more.

    • Uchiha Obito

      the amount is Unlimited surely and they can transform to super saiyan if you want!!

  • mosdra

    hopefully gt and movie characters will be in it and the ability to turn into super saiyan 2 to 4 and legendary super saiyan

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith


  • Omar Farouk

    guys i think there will be movie characters see bottem center pictuets its goku and bardock fighting frezia and cooler

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Bottom scan is for another Dragon Ball game for Japan Arcade machines