Naruto Storm Revolution Commercial Released


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  • Kim Honey

    The obito – naruto – ninja alliance is part of Kushina´s story, dont expect much – looks epic & thats how it should look in anime (instead of those weird faces we have sometimes)

  • Blackwell

    Shukaku looks good

  • Omoi

    I assume that The Far Reaches of Hope is the last story available to play because if you remember (and if you watched it) the guys at SpazioGames could only select the Akatsuki story.

    Which means:

    Akatsuki Origins –> The Two Uchiha –> The Far Reaches of Hope
    (The Great Ninja War being a part of The Far Reaches of Hope).

    • Dei

      I’m sure it’s just the anime preview scene in the trailer. There seems to no battles on the Far Reaches of Hope nor anything related to the War. But that doesn’t exclude anime footage.

    • Yeah pretty sure the far reaches of home is last.