Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Introduction Video Released


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  • shaddrag

    I’m first, but don’t know what to say.

    • Asuna Kagurazaka

      Well at least you said something, that’s all that counts. xD

  • DI

    Wtf? That intro is laaaaaaame

    • Everthing to you is

      • DI

        *everything about this game

        • Michael

          Well, it’s a pretty meh game, so I don’t blame you.

        • J Walk

          And yet everyday you come back to something you hate? Because logic.

          • DI

            you got to know what you criticize, didnt you know that? you should start reading a little just saying

  • The Last Uchiha

    I don’t know about you but it looks pretty sick to me

  • Well, I only have two positive things to say.
    1. At least it’s longer than Generations’ five second intro.
    2. Naruto totally went Super Saiyan in that fight. lol
    I didn’t expect a very long intro since this is a filler game like Generations was, but it would have been nice if they went with a J-Stars styled intro and showed more fighting, at least stretching it out to a a minute and a half duration.

  • Bdock3601

    Not trying to nitpick but this was released when spaziogames got their early copy, maybe not this specific video but I saw the intro way back then

    • Michael Sourin

      Spaziogames are always late with news, this is doubtful!

      • Bdock3601

        What are you even talking about? I said I saw it online around that time, so they posted it in a show off video for revolution when they had their early copy

        • Asuna Kagurazaka

          Too bad there’s talking through it mostly lol.

          • I don`t mind it when people know what they`re talking about, but when certain people talk over a trailer/intro etc who do not know anything and whom just do it for money, it really makes me laugh and also feel sorry for them lol xD!
            This isn`t related to this video nor the spaziogames one, I`ve just known people who have done it and failed lol.

            • Asuna Kagurazaka

              I know what you mean, I see alot of people that play games and honestly think they know what they’re talking about, but they just don’t and you can’t help but faceplam. xD

  • Asuna Kagurazaka

    I do admit, this intro is pretty hype.

  • Yugiboy85

    What was wrong with my post? I just wanted to share these two vids :/

  • shaddrag

    Seen most of it in the last trailer, but those extra bits and it all pieced together is so awesome! Hyped beyond belief 😛

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Nothing special…

  • Seg

    Sasuke is actually keeping up with Madara WTF

  • Seg

    If only the combat was like is intro
    Then I would be hyped

  • tylerc23

    Wish the game played like this