Check Out The Entire Character Roster For Naruto Storm Revolution


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  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    But no pain’s torn cloak eh? 🙁

  • PeaceWalker

    Tbh I am satisfied with the roster. I never wanted to change my top 3 characters anyways. Can’t wait to use Yagura, Fuu, and Utakata with DLC costume + anbu mask. I feel like this combination would be awesome 🙂

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    I’m kind of distress that they took out Naruto’s Nine Tails Rasengan from Storm2

    • DI

      and 1 sasuke and 1 sasuke ougi and one kankuro ougi

  • chris

    interesting how there is 6 spots open on the roster my guess/hopes *spoiler* juubito,jinchuriki madara, new sasuke, new naruto, kaguya, sage of six paths
    just my idea don’t hate and reason i said those above would be because of the storm 4 being new gen exclusive

    • Dei

      Those are for “Storm 4”, it’s possible it’ll be released for current gen. The blank slots are for customized characters.

    • Juubito may be DLC, but Jinchuriki Madara, Ashura Naruto, Indra Sasuke, Kaguya, Sharingan Restored Obito, Sharingan Resolved Kakashi, and Hagoromo won’t be added until Storm 4.
      And it’s possible that Storm 4 could be cross-gen. There are several games coming out (Destiny, LittleBigPlanet 3, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Mortal Kombat X, etc.) that are being released on both new gen and current gen consoles.

      • chris

        I bet you spit on homeless people and kick babies too you dream crusher (jk) but ya i heard its custom characters or something and also I SWORE i heard in an interview that storm 4 was gunna be next gen exclusive because of the tech barrier between old and new gen since they want to bring out the full potential in order to bring it to MLG/aneheim when it comes out so my moneys on it being new gen exclusive plus microsoft said they were ending xbox 360 in 2016 just like the original xbox meaning no games or service for it it will be just a brick same with ps3

        • If they did it only on Next Gen they’d hardly hit a profit.

          • chris

            Not necessarily true being that by the time it comes out within the next year or two most people will have the new gen from wanting it next year or the year following that the services on old gen gets shut off

            • Are you forgetting that the PlayStation 2 didn’t stop production until 2012?
              Not everyone is going to move on to PS4 and Xbone by next year. Support for the PS3 will still go on long after the PS4 becomes a main thing, and support for Xbox 360 isn’t going anywhere soon either.

              • chris

                Sorry to tell you but microsoft announced at e3 in 2012 that 2016 would be the year their 360 services ends

                • So? If their service ends in 2016, that leaves 2015 open.

        • Naruto’s ending this year. Storm 4 could still be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 if they release it next year.

          And the PS3 isn’t going to end anytime soon. PlayStation Network is still supported on PSP even though they stopped selling PSP systems and games a year ago.

  • Bdock3601

    A fine roster indeed

  • bar21995

    a fine roster, but did cc2 really didn’t give itachi and kisame a team ultimate, if not then F*****k you cc2

    • HyugaName

      Kisame’s voice actor died. Though they could have recycled voices from the anime. I mean they’re good at recycling though.

      • They could have hired a new actor or recycled their Team Ultimate from Accel 2. It’s not rocket science

        • Jordan

          F u because that’s highly unlikely.

          • What makes it so unlikely? Tekken replaced Heihachi Mishima’s voice actor. The Naruto anime replaced Kid Kakashi and Obito’s voice actor. The English dub of Naruto changed “Madara” Tobi’s voice actor twice.
            So really, all they have to do is hire a new actor.

  • Asuna Kagurazaka

    Cool roster, no Akatsuki Hats, Torn Clothes Pain and RTN Hinata was kinda disappointing though. I would’ve preferred it that Alive Hashirama got his moveset updated to the Reanimation one.

  • Enzevil

    It’s an awesome character roster. I’m really satisfied with this.

    It’s not just the new characters, but also some characters that have been updates with some new moves, new awakening actions, new clothes and other minor things.

  • cbcuroi

    Why they removed chidori true spear uj, WHY!? ):

  • cbcuroi

    Can somebody test if Gaara´s down combo and Sasuke Taka Up combo are still avoidable? Also, does Sasuke Kirin and Sasuke Taka gets uj combo with naruto?

    • Asuna Kagurazaka

      Yes they do, but its the same CUJ they always do.

    • Enzevil

      About this issue, how about Neji’s and Hashirama’s down combo? Are they still both avoidable?

      Would be awesome if you guys from ShonenGamez can make a video about such bug fixes, like in free battle and try to avoid these guys’ combos to see if they’re still avoidable.

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    A nice roster. I don’t know why they added Kage’s with hats, since the hats could have just been customisation items, but a nice roster overall 😀

    • I don’t understand why they brought back the Kage Hats and not the Akatsuki Hats.

      • justin

        it a dlc in the PlayStation store you only get the kage hats

  • Seg

    I’m disappointed

  • HyugaName

    Why do they have separate slots for Hashirama but not Madara? A waste

  • Ugh.

  • Uchiha Flame

    how do we get edo hokages?

  • Jason Worth

    I have a question for ShonenGamez. If we want to unlock all of the characters & costumes quickly in Naruto Storm Revolution, how much Ryo do we need to obtain?

    • Kim

      1.7 million Ryo

  • tylerc23

    Not enough value in this game honestly. I love Naruto, been reading it since the translated scans have become available but I will wait for Storm 4

  • 「No Edo Sasori? Why?」

    • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

      I agree Naked Apron-Senpai! and they didn’t have the swimsuits either!

      • 「Ah you’re right! This game is really lacking, what this game really needs is Naked Aprons!」

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)


    are you telling me that THEY DON’T HAVE THE SWIMSUITS FOR INO AND THE GIRLS??!

  • Wait, Naruto outfit Sasuke, Sasuke outfit Naruto, Manga Samurai Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, and Apron Itachi aren’t on this list.
    Did you guys get the DLC codes or do they not work until the game officially launches? Or did you just torrent this game?

  • Kogure Yuuya

    This roster is perfect………ly lame

    • I disagree En

      • Kogure Yuuya

        Good for you. You buy your Naruto COD, I’ll buy my Nintendo games

  • NarutoFan

    dear shonengamez, This is a HUGE disappointment to the game. I pre-order this game and this is the roster you give us. You clearly have put no work what so ever into this game, and come on changer Itachi’s moveset and so with orchimaru’s too.
    Listen to those fans and you guys just add 5 characters i mean that could have been a dlc in storm 3 i am very disappointed and you should delay wants again for some what reason and add more characters!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Why are you writing to us like we made the game…

      • Kim Honey

        xD, dont tell him that, you will crush his dreams xD

      • LucsXIII


  • I was really excited and now..

    Better be a joke

  • Nicholas Branch

    Honestly. Kisame… Only Akatsuki with no alternate costume. He was a fan favorite. Voice actor or no give him an alternate costume. Disappointed.

    • Kim Honey

      Konan gets no alt costume… same with pain

  • Hana Asakura

    Cool but how can i unlock Madara and Obito?

  • OnlyGaara 神 INAKTIV

    Why is Anko, Kurenai and Shizune not playable ? realy ? FK this -.-

  • OceanusGod

    The Kimono and School costumes are in the game? Is it a dlc or its part of the basic game, cause i didn’t find anything about those costumes, just the rivals, Summer cloths and the Samurai costumes, and of course the Itachi-apron, which is only for Japan (for now, i belive) and the upcoming jinchuriki packs…

  • CaseyZ

    How do you unlock adult obito?

  • Samuel DiBiase

    I got the Pre order DLC but i cant seem to find it anywhere i look in the game for my Naruto and sasuke switch skins

  • A little disappointed

    I was really hoping they would add a lot more different characters I was really looking forward to playing as kyusuke the swift among other lesser known characters

  • Metal_Maniac669

    I might be the only one asking but are they ever going to make Rin a playable character? I wanna make her and series one Sakura fight to the death to see who’s the least useless… XD

    Also still no playable Anko, Kurenai and Shizune? Come on guys.

  • Olaf Melcer

    Where are Swimsuits from previous version, and where are Summer Clothes from current one?