Naruto Storm Revolution All Ultimate and Team Combination Jutsus (UPDATED)


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  • Ahtma

    That Kaguya reference in the first combo ultimate with Naruto and Sasuke tho’.

  • Enzevil

    Must… not… click… videos… I wanna see this so bad, but on the other hand, I don’t wanna spoil the suprises for myself.

    • Bdock3601

      It’s worth it

  • nardo

    there should be a finishing move that just kills off an opponent if their health is low enough

    • Ahtma

      That’d be really unbalanced.

      • Bdock3601

        Can’t tell if sarcasm because of Internet limitations but if so you guys win

      • nardo

        how is it unbalanced it’s just when their health is really low

        • Ahtma

          I’ve turned entire matches around with a do-or-die amount of health.

  • terrance dorsey

    No hinata and Neji combo

    • René Davidoschnaps

      Also i read Lee and Gai in the datamined post. Are they actually not in the game?

    • alex smith

      They were in the dumbfuks jus cut em from the official release -_- stay doin dum shiiit i swear lol

  • Bdock3601

    According to dei there was supposed to be a leexguy one but I guess not oh well

    • LucsXIII

      i don’t think this is all, sasuke’s new ultimate didn’t even appear in the video :s

      • Bdock3601

        Well we’ll see but there was also suppose to be neji/hinata and neither of those are anywhere online

        • LucsXIII

          yeah man, kind of weird that is, all we can do is wait, but let’s hope that there are more 😀

          • Bdock3601

            Yeah, there was also an unidentified one that everyone thought was hiruzen xdanzo but that one didn’t show up either

            • KRATOSBR

              I will get it the game today.and I will check it out.

              • Bdock3601

                Cool stuft man thx, but I’m not holding my breath

            • LucsXIII

              well that would be cool!

          • TheGameTagerZ

            All means all guys :/

            Trust me we tried it must of been a cancelled team combination attack.

            • Bdock3601

              I’m not bothered it’s still a great lineup

              • LucsXIII

                i agree with you man

            • LucsXIII

              well, too bad 🙁 but i’m really grateful that you guys did that, thanks for making those videos, i was really eager to see the ultimates and team ultimates! 😀

    • Dei

      Seems they scrapped it. It’s in the code, so either CC2 just screwed it over.

  • MHM

    i don’t want to spoil the CUT for myself
    but can any one just tell me how many they are ?

    • chris

      i believe roughly 30-32

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    ok so i was right only reanimated minato transforms into kcm minato durin his ujs cool 🙂

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    i like how kushinas alternate ultimate she jus slaps tha crap out of minato

  • DI

    So theres only like 10 new ultimates including the team ones… I wasnt expecting much from them but d*mn

    • J Walk

      There are over 20.

  • What about PTS Naruto and PTS Sasuke? Guy and Lee? Neji and Hinata?
    No Itachi and Kisame? Sakura and Chiyo? Sakura and Tsunade? Jiraiya and Naruto? Orochimaru and Sasuke? Team Taka?
    Cc2 is missing a lot of potential Collab Jutsu

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not missing anything. If we were we wouldn’t have added “All” in the title.

      • Do all of the Sasuke and Naruto variations have a Combo Ultimate Jutsu?

    • Ahtma

      Either it’s because it’s their first Storm game with combo ultimates, or because they’re saving them for a Juubito DLC pack.

  • Will you be uploading all secret factors?

  • Bdock3601

    21 ultimates we didn’t see before the leak and 35 brand new ultimates to revolution total

  • SuperSagejin

    When are we going to get some video on the Ninja War Mode?

  • 「So there’s no combination Enton – Kagutsuchi and Fuuton – Rasenshuriken, that’s unfortunate」

    • Bdock3601

      No, I think they wanted an ultimate that could be used by any combination of naruto and sasuke instead of just 1 combination

  • Nicholas Branch

    No Kisame and Itachi. Honestly so pissed off