Naruto Storm Revolution – Full Mecha Naruto Story


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  • tylerc23

    Boy is that sound that Mecha Naruto makes when he runs around annoying (last vid)

    • Eternal Eyes

      But look at his speed though xD

  • DI

    Are you gonna upload the awakening actions?

    • Coming soon.

      • How did you guys and everyone else get the game? I went to gamestop and they said they still didn’t receive the game yet

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          Maybe they got it early from the company, Youtubers often get games early to advertise them a few days or even a week before release

          • More than just youtubers got it early.

            • Bdock3601

              There was a leak and everyone torrents it and plays it on modded consoles. That and a couple people did get early copies but it wasn’t a promotional thing

  • oaktree123

    What about the ending? I know there’s more to the story. I would like to see since your the only ones using the English voices. Maybe you could show all the new secret factors in English too?

  • micheal johnson

    Do you guys know about the new xv scan it’s 4 pages long and has a new screenshot, I don’t know what mag it comes from but only weekly saiyan has reported on it yet, here’s a video:

    • Thats Famitsuu (I read it this week) but there is not much news. I can still cover that and what Famitsuu said about NSR (other sites covered the score but not the actual translations) if enough people want to see it?

      • micheal johnson

        Well we know just about everything about nsr, and if there’s nothing new why translate, but you could post the scan to show the screen and just write where it’s from and what its talking about.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Looks like nothing new just rehashed news from previous weeks.

  • Who knew this story would have feels? Now, I can’t wait until the anime special airs. I bet Mecha Naruto will look even more awesome in anime form

  • René Davidoschnaps

    I asked this a few times now but got no answer to it and i also can´t find confirmation on this. Could someone tell me if Single vs Team is possible now in Free Battle or not.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not possible.

      • René Davidoschnaps

        Thank you 🙂

  • OnlyGaara 神 INAKTIV

    Finally i found what i was searching for !