Naruto Storm Revolution All Team Secret Factors

Naruto Storm Revolution All Team Secret Factors


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  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith


  • Will you be uploading a video of all awakenings? I know you’ve covered the new guys, but there were a lot of Instant Awakenings in Storm 3 that haven’t been showcased as True Awakenings yet. Namely guys like War Tobi.

    • DI

      there’s a guy on youtube that just uploaded it today his name is gamaholic

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    I’m purposely not watching any of these because I don’t want to spoil the game for me before it comes out

  • Guest

    This is not the full factors because I am sure there is a ino-shika-cho combination jutsu

    • In the English version, it start at 1:03.
      In the Japanese version it start at 1:11

    • RedDragon10

      Lol it’s right in the vid

  • tylerc23

    That last one should be “Hashirama and I” not “Hashirama and Me”

    • HyugaName

      Nope I’ve already seen that comment before and they said it correctly.

  • Mohammed Burhan Ahmed

    Obito’s and Madara’s thou.

  • Kim Honey

    3 Sannin´s secret factor <3

  • 「I can’t help but miss the old team 7 after watching this」