One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Adds Combination Ultimate Attacks and More

In 3DS

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  • abdoulhay ceesay

    Wow they puttin’ in that werk!

  • PhPhill

    Yes!! Was waiting for this!
    Wonder if they’ll have his ‘real’ look as well..

  • Danny123100

    Don’t want to give the “Lucy” away, but i’m really hoping they have the after the tournament “Lucy” also. This just got me even more pumped for this game if his original look gets revealed later on.

    • nardo

      i’m pretty sure it’s that lucy

      • Danny123100

        Oh, it’s definitely that Lucy, you can tell because of the sunglasses and well the description underneath him if you read the Manga. I just don’t want it to end up being they tease us with this, but they don’t give us his actual attire and the abilities of after the tournament. I want to say that we’ll get regular attire Lucy, because it mentions the end of the tournament in this scan, but it’s going to suck if we just get his tournament attire.

        • 「If it’s after tournament then hopefully he’d get to use his devil fruit in his move set, not just his attire」

          • Danny123100

            I know but i’m not sure if we can assume this is after the tournament or how far it’s going to go, because it does mention that he is the mysterious man that won at the Colosseum. So i’m hoping maybe either for a different character with his old attire and new moveset, or maybe just have his after tournament moves for the Colosseum outfit and maybe an original attire costume.

  • Lifestreamer

    Not a single scan up to now show “Lucy” 2.0 being a playable character except this one with the “Dragon Breath” special, I hope his real look is available to play and somehow incorporates Koala (and Hack) in his moveset.

  • Morgiana


  • ✿Love is beautiful ✿

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    • 「You should stay, this site is great」

      • Ryo Kurokiba

        [i never really see much activity going on when I’m on here.]

  • ✿Love is beautiful ✿

    Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times will give you a Lake *