Naruto Storm Revolution All Combination Ultimate Jutsu With Alternate Costumes


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  • Staz


    • Mohammed Burhan Ahmed

      Good for you.

  • Akirascreaming

    played the game on xbox360 waiting for pre order of pc

  • OnlyGaara 神 INAKTIV

    Looks not Bad but not new…

  • OceanusGod

    The Kimono and School costumes are in the game? Is it a dlc or its part of the basic game, cause i didn’t find anything about those costumes, just the rivals, Summer cloths and the Samurai costumes, and of course the Itachi-apron, which is only for Japan (for now, i belive) and the upcoming jinchuriki packs…

    • LucsXIII

      i thinks its part of the game

  • Team 7

    Since SaiyanIsland needs years to approve this I will just put this here 🙂

    • UchihaName

      Thank you!

    • HyugaName

      Golden Comment!

  • 「Oh Bdock was right, the reason there was no enton – kagutsuchi and fuuton – rasenshurieken was so that they could change between costumes.」

  • yoshi

    Does anyone know if there will be a digital version of the game

  • UchihaName

    Has it been confirmed if maintain awakening is back in training mode yet? I saw a video of what i thought was it, but i don’t want to give my hopes up.

    • LucsXIII

      it is confirmed, you can have infinite awakening on training mode

      • UchihaName

        Awesome! 😀

        • LucsXIII

          it really is! 😀

  • Skorm94

    mhh one problem I have with these ultimates is when you play them in game you can barely hear the voices, loses a lot of its awesomeness this way imo