Dragon Ball Xenoverse to be shown off at Tokyo Game Show


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  • Bdock3601

    Cool, I hope the game play has improved

  • I`ll be playing this on the 20th, will try and get footage or at least a review of the gameplay!

    • Sisgo Dawn

      I put my beta code in but it didnt work why is that

  • Orosz József Ábel

    Just 1 more day ! Finally !!!!

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    lol tien

  • DI

    Finally, its been a while since the last news about this I hope they show some dbo characters in the trailer

  • micheal johnson

    I don’t like how the world tournament looks, it’s the only stage I havn’t Liked so far. It just looks worse than the ps2 versions, but maybe it’s just a bad angle.

  • hipten

    I think this beta test thing is bull why don’t they just let everyone play the beta test ?

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    From what this game has been presenting im having high expectations maybe too high, but this game looks the exact opposite of “Ultimate Tenkaichi”

  • DeathPointZ

    Interesting. Can’t wait. 🙂

  • micheal johnson

    Towa and Mira confirmed for xv via weeklysaiyan twitter!