Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Gameplay & New Screenshots Surfaces


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  • RedDragon10

    Graphics look amazing

  • micheal johnson

    damn this looks good

  • 「Looks great, my only problem w/ this game would be Kami’s temple, the only game to ever get the stage right would be Zenkai Battle Royale.」

  • King Ezek


  • DI

    I dont like those effects when you hit the opponent and that target lock are kind of annoying and they also should make characters moves a little bit slower cause they look kinda sloppy

  • King Ezek

    this is perfect its like the tenkaichi i always wanted and the almost every standard melee move can be canceled it looks like= infinite combos lol seems like you can’t button mash to win, too much freedom so you actually need skill

  • King Ezek

    wanted burst limit block animation though

  • roockie112

    this games looks perfect to me people will always find stuff to complaint about I swear.

    • King Ezek

      honestly it looks finished so they can just sell it to me right now

      • gokugoku123

        the gameplay look so good even in his alpha stage

      • roockie112

        I know I so want this game already

  • MyCaruba

    Are you going to post vids as well? some actually captured em pretty nicely IMO

  • Zenkai

    I’m just iffy about the camera angles.

    And also the air fighting, it seems a lot of the time they just miss the target and keep punching air.

    Hopefully they fix that up.

  • Kurama (BeyondManga)

    take my money already…

  • what a rubbish video media player!

    can anyone let me know if there was a real time transformation

  • bob