Naruto Storm Revolution – DLC Costume Gameplay


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  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    does anybody know how to unlock it if so plz tell

    • Yasser

      It’s a DLC so it means you don’t unlock them you buy them when they’re out on PLaystation store or xbox marketplace or whatever they call it. The DLC isn’t released yet anyways but the DLC is already in the disk itself so that when you download it it only takes maybe 5 seconds and so that if you picked a character with a DLC custom and the opponent didn’t purchase the DLC then he’ll be able to see it unlike in storm 3. Now if you ask me how those people got it without buying it then I’ll tell you because they are illegally accessing these data and they’re not supporting CC2 to do better stuff and afterwards they start complaining about things like “no 7 ninja swordsman no buy” CC2 needs more money to do these stuff and by not giving them what they deserve then of course the quality of the game will not be excellent

      • HyugaName

        You’re stupid. People can choose to either buy it or not. I will. But as some people stated, why would you buy DLC when it is already in the disc. You really are paying for a key just to unlock those DLC. You pay $54.00 and still can’t use the whole disc to it’s capacity? Idk idiot? PLUS it’s not illegal since they own the game and can do whatever action they please.

        • Yasser

          It is already in the disc so that the download time becomes waay less and so that people who don’t own the DLC will be able to see what DLC the opponent is wearing. That’s why the DLC is locked in the disk because what’s the use of putting a DLC costume on if the opponent can’t see it?! The best way to do this is to lock the DLC it in the disk.
          You can use the game itself to its whole capacity which is worth exactly $50. Why do you want to use the whole disk to its capacity when there are parts of it which you haven’t paid for? $50 dollars is for the entire game and not the locked parts.
          Now if you tell me then why not put add the DLC price from the first place to the disk then I’ll tell you because some people don’t want all these stuff so CC2’s decision is great by giving you an option and again that’s why the game isn’t even for $60!

      • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

        oh ok i downloaded tha white jinchuriki one a hour ago

  • Team 7

    What about the Pre-Akatsuki DLC for Pain,Nagato and Konan and Edo Sasori and Edo Kakuzu

    • Nicholas Branch

      Kisame too, you heartless animal