Naruto Storm Revolution Steam Code Giveaway


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  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Already subscribed as GodlessGC J

  • Kita

    I think my youtube name is Kita Hetherington… well thats atleast what appears in the corner…

    But I subscribed ages ago so I still hope that counts ^_^

    Also – You wouldn’t happen to know how to get in contact with UK Namco would you? Need to contact them about the Samurai DLC for the PS3 version.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Don’t have contacts with Namco UK sorry 🙁

      And yes it counts Kita new or old so don’t worry 🙂

  • Blake Brown

    Already subscribed. Name is Kuybikun

  • shaddrag

    Subscribed a long time ago but already have the game on PS3, as well as my Internet being too crap to download 8GB in any sensible amount of time.

  • Shahrul Azwan

    subscribed. Name’s Shahrul Azwan

  • Akirascreaming

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  • João Eduardo Soares

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  • RockSauron

    Just subscribed. hope I win :p Youtube name is RockSauron. Or Rock Sauron.

  • njr689

    Subscribed under the name njr689! This is kind of awesome! I watch your videos often but unfortunately never subscribed until now

  • Dei

    This isn’t for PS3 guys or Xbox, it’s for PC lol.

    • Bobby Jennings/Godless

      Perfect for me. 😀

    • Bdock3601

      Which sucks, i want ps3 codes lol

      • The God Of Despair

        Complain that for Namco…
        + Namco gave those code for PC users because the PC is master race

        • Bdock3601

          I wouldn’t complain about not getting free stuff
          +pc can be the master race all it wants I’ll stick with my cheaper and equally fun game medium

  • alexcross

    kotsos katanas

  • The God Of Despair

    Already subscribed as Saloohy Omar

  • Yasser

    That’s so cool! But sorry I already have the game for PC and PS3.

    • The God Of Despair

      Damn your Courtesy…

  • Antti Oikarainen

    Subscribed name Antti Oikarainen

  • firecrakcer001 .

    Subscribed ^_^ firecrakcer001

  • Devin Davis

    Already Subscribed name TheAnimeCorp1

  • I’m still waiting for Gamestop to get back to me on the Samurai DLC.
    Don’t suppose you have a PS3 code for that, do you? I already have the Rival costumes and plan to buy the Jinchuriki pack once I pick up a PSN card

    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      My PSN is LegoHDFlash I will play you

  • Wasupcoolguy

    Subscribed, name is Hellboy998. Good luck everyone!

  • Enzevil

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  • PurifiedHollow

    Subscribed. purifiedhollow. *crosses fingers*

  • Matias Javier Gonzalez Orlando

    Already Subscribed long ago, when you guys started posting J-stars videos.

    Matias Gonzalez

  • Already subscirbed, Youtube name is LeeHatake93, the same as this one

  • PS3Naruto- Artbook

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  • MD Punk

    Subscribed a while back. RMGMDPunk

  • Francesco Damiani

    My youtube name is KudaroKoi hope I win 😀

  • C Brace

    New subscriber C Brace

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    I have already subscribed as ZebulGamer

  • Peacock

    hello i have subbed my Youtube Name is DJPlace007

  • Shogunreaper

    I subscribed under the name “tyler r”

  • Kocrachon

    My youtube name is HavocDemon1. Hope I win, the mods will likely make this game better…

  • Doku JuKiKyou

    already subscribed Doku JuKiKyou.

  • ThunderGod65

    Hi, I’ve subscribed under ThunderGod65, will be my first Naruto game on PC if I win 😀

  • Orosz József Ábel

    Subscribed username is Ábel Orosz !

  • Robin van Krieken

    got all the naruto games from ps2 to ps3 except this one 😀

  • Catalinu

    Done,subscribed. Thx for the Giveaway!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Youtube name?

  • Done, suscribed. url name is Yag1211, but the Youtube name is Reiji Arisu.

  • tabi

    Subscribed! You do awsome stuff my YouTube name is Tolga B ^^

  • rax

    I’ve decided to give this a shot! I subbed: Flash9tk 😀 Good luck guys!

  • PrinnyKnight

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  • Yugiboy85

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  • UCBooties

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  • Michael

    Subbed, DeathlyMajestic

  • Subbed as Thilina Abeykoon. I already pre-ordered the game on Steam, so fingers crossed for a Jinchuriki DLC pack 😀

    Btw week old new user here, like to see you guys doing more articles on pc releases too. When the game was released on 15th there were nothing about it in anywhere :/

  • OtherJonny

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    Believe it! XD

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  • xitchyx

    url name: 12narutouzamaki12
    yt name: Brady Nielsen

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Subscribed wish it was ps3 codes. Would love to win to give away to the j stars page fans though.

  • Shehab El Deen Mohammed

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  • Sam B

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    I want one on my pc

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  • EBKbrothersInTime

    Does anyone have a 100% save for PC? I really wanna customize characters!

    • René Davidoschnaps

      That reminds me. Why can´t you use every accessoire on every character? For example Kakashi´s and Yamato´s Anbu Mask are only wearable by the respective character… and also not even on their ANBU costumes! I rly don´t like how they limited the customization factors there.

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  • Swagdara Uchiha

    You just want subs you idiot !

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Plenty of other places to troll. Not here though.

      • Kim Honey

        Would be fun if you revealed what his other accounts names are, that would show them some respect towards others

        • TheGameTagerZ

          He has too many to name. Been to lazy to ban every single one.

  • This seems quite interesting indeed. But I’ll let other people have a go, keep up the good work SGZ team!

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