Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Controls


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  • Yasser


  • micheal johnson

    Thats a lot to remember, 3 totally different control systems

    • hipten

      the toki toki city controls you will get right off the bat because that’s just a hub world and the battle controls the controls are the same as the always been mostly and the R2 thing when you press that a screen will come up and tell you what moves you can use so maybe I think it wont be that hard to remember the controls for this game lol

    • Anthony Pickens

      are you black saiayn on thundershot live stream?

      • micheal johnson

        No, I decided not to watch his I’m xenoversed out for the day, I’ve been watching vids since 9am and have seen all I need to see, all I’m waiting on is that hd extended trailer

  • Reaper

    wish PC controls were out and about like this..really dont wanna be FORCED into using a usb controller

  • jaystarpro

    Wait so how do you Teleport

  • jaystarpro

    And are theses freaking controls like the budokai controls god no

  • Bogdan Stici

    how to charge ki on keyboard?