GT Costume Spotted in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Extended Trailer


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  • Mikeyoshi

    That isn’t a GT costume. Goku wore it at the end of Z.

    Edit: I just noticed the “GT” in the Japanese text. My apologies.

    • Jon Young

      He wore it in GT, as well. It even says GT in the name of the costume.

      • Mikeyoshi

        Yeah, I noticed after I finished typing.

        • Jon Young

          It’s all good, homie

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Was about to correct but Jon did it. It even translates to GT Goku Costume.

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    Oh yes lol i hope gt characters are in

  • Xicor

    im excited

  • micheal johnson

    I saw this when the trailer leaked, it looks like they have clothing options from all db lore, please let them announce giant bosses next.

  • TheSuperItachi

    thats wrong , the boots are not gt goku’s shoes , thats just a recolor of another item . and the pants aren’t yellow enough

    • Jordan Maurice

      Are you stupid there talking about the top if you seen the trailer you would know this screen is when they were changing clothes