Naruto Storm Revolution Scan Translation: Kushina, Edo Tensei DLC Costumes and More


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  • Alucard Violandi

    i want madara in the traditional Uchiha outfit DLC already. and GIVE US A MENMA DLC!!!!!!!

  • October 23rd?
    Does that mean no DLC this week? I thought Naruto DLC was a weekly thing. That was the case with Storm 3, anyway.

    • Kim Honey

      Maybe Akatsuki costumes for Taka or Kage costumes for hiruzen-hashirama or cloackless Itachi-Mifune-Kakashi

    • Tenma87

      hmmm maybe there will be dlc tomorrow, maybe this is just revealing the dlc for the next week, maybe tomorrow is different dlc….yeah one can only hope right? lol

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    1. That sucks, I wanted the Madara pack to come out next. Well this is good to, thanks!
    2. I’m probably the only one who notice, but the best part of this scan is Pain! When going through the hidden dlc a few weeks back, someone found the Yahiko DLC, but it still had Pain’s face on it. But this scan shows Yahiko’s face, not Pains, which is amazing!

    • Akirascreaming

      Yeah about yahiko dlc its sick

    • Guest

      Yeah, the only one, from the entire world

    • Dei

      I didn’t notice the Yahiko skin. Cool, would have thought they just keep Pain’s face.

    • HyugaName

      I noticed that as well! Yahikos face is there! OMG!

  • Marc Herbes

    Wait so are they going to release new characters or am i just reading the bottom left part wrong.

  • Hiren KïlLjøy

    Do you think this game will get a Full burst release?

    • Kim Honey

      Yes, i find it very possible

    • HyugaName

      Probably since we have 6 or 7 slots still there unavailable. Maybe not called Full Burst but a different title.

      • maybe for the seven mist swordsmen. that’d be a good dlc

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    hmm i wonder if they gone change his voice actor since hes technically yahiko whens hes in that costume it would be really creative/cool if they did

    • Dohvakin

      wtf are you talking about why would they change his voice actor, pain ALWAYS used Yahikos voice….

      • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

        Yeah, but he’s deeper toned as Pain.

      • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

        i meant im wonderin if his voice is gonna be lighter bich n i was talkin to people in general btw

  • Kim Honey

    Karin akatsuki & Jugo… where are they?

  • 「Edo Sasori? Is that you?」

  • Dei

    Deidara w/o his cloak and I’ll be a happy dog.

    • Andreas Aigalew

      don’t worry you got it on pc right?

  • Tenma87

    WHERE THE FUDGE IS MY BOY MADARA….damnit…even gotta wait till after the 23rd -__-

    • Damien Costa

      seems legit 😛

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    So much money is going to be used on this game…. *checks wallet* if only I had a job to not worry….

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

    So is it the 22/23rd for us aswell? or just Japan.
    really want to get that Kushina outfit. @[email protected]