Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – NYCC Demo Footage (Day 1)


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  • micheal johnson

    Cool, hopefully there will be more info shared about the game.

    • micheal johnson

      Did any of you play the network test?

  • micheal johnson

    By the way can you translate the new naruto movie scan?

  • 「Gameplay looks good as usual, as well as the created characters.」「I will admit I do prefer the World Tournament stage from Raging Blast and ZBR more though.」

    • micheal johnson

      I like the art style more for the world tournament, but in rb it was bigger and you could fly higher. The gameplay looks smoother than the network test

      • 「Yeah that’s what I meant, it was more like the show in a sense that you had space to maneuver around the arena and take your fight to the very top when things got really serious. 」

        EDIT: This is the other World Tournament I was referring to that I think is really well done too.

        • micheal johnson

          Yeah that one is nice but I don’t like how you can fly around everywhere and destroy everything, I like it in every other stage but the world tournament should have a crowd and only be destroyed to the level that vegeta, tien and piccolo did it.

        • micheal johnson

          I like the size and the detail of it but it should be seperate from the actual tournament stage, that way we’d get the island and the actual tournament

          • 「Yeah I get what you mean, It’d be pretty cool if they had different versions of the stage and not just day and night phases.」

  • Andreas Aigalew

    cmon we all know the game is far from alpha stage
    and shikascloud’s review was disheartening

    • micheal johnson

      I just watched that review and it’s full of sh*t, I was as skeptical as anyone when xv first got announced about it being a bad game but after playing it it’s nothing like BOZ. The only things it shares in common with BOZ is the style (lock on/team battles/large stages) and the all around 3d style (no longer just behind the back).

      Before I go in on the good things about the combat system let me say the bad, the flight is slow when not dashing and is hard to control while dashing causing you to have difficulty hitting your opponent (that actually looks to be fixed in this comic con demo). Now for the good all attacks can be stringed together in what ever combination you want weather it be supers, ultimates, strong/weak combos, snap vanish, and the directional pad (also if you hold down a combo button you can charge it and make it stronger. There are 5 defensive options that I found myself using dodge (obviously), guard, snap vanish, parry, and my evasive skill (all BOZ had was dodge and guard). The throw is also there for opponents who guard and it’s super easy to execute the best throw mechanic I’ve seen in a dbz game. The team battles work just as good as the single player battles and both play nothing like BOZ, the combat depth makes the game super immersive I rarely even noticed the lock on or the games glitches because it was that fun, by far the best combat system since tenkaichi. Now what I heard most about in shikaclouds review was the cosmetic and style similarities, the graphics in XV are just better and you can see that. The gameplay is not as cinematic as Tenkaichi (which I addmitedly didn’t like at first) but it works to make you feel like you are in control and every ultimate and special move has it’s own cinematic flare (I love the neo tri beam and the volley ball fist). The destruction also isn’t as big in scale but everything you do destroys something, which hasn’t been featured in any games before (a huge crator trails when you fire an ultimate beam attack). Idk what stage the game is in but it’s great no matter the stage, that review was immature and only focused on the look of the xv gameplay I would suggest watching more reviews.

  • algoku

    Hey dimps yeah need to fix the crater make it not disappear if yeah don’t fix that problem it’s not going to be a perfect game like yeah said it’s going to be listen to the feedback we are the buyers. thanks and god bless